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Airport 11 mi 10.6 mi 10.6 mi 14.6 mi
River Street Half Block One Block One Block 5.4 mi.
City Market 1 mi Half Block Half Block 4.8 mi.
Aquatics Center 7.9 mi 4.5 mi 4.5 mi 2.7 mi
Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex 7.7 mi 4.5 mi 4.5 mi 2.5 mi
Candler Hospital 6 mi 4.5 mi 4.5 mi 1.3 mi
Memorial Hospital 5 mi 4.5 mi 4.5 mi 2 mi
South University 7 mi 9.6 mi 9.6 mi 2 mi
SCAD 1.2 mi 0.7 mi 0.7 mi 4.1 mi
Savannah Trade and Convention Center 4.8 mi 3.1 mi 3.1 mi 10 mi
Civic Center 1.1 mi 0.7 mi 0.6 mi 4.7 mi
Fitness Center
Swimming Pool  
Complimentary Wireless Internet
Business Center
Remote Printing  
Complimentary Breakfast    
Complimentary Dinner
Including Wine & Beer
Complimentary Parking      
Valet Parking  
Full‑Size Fridge, 2‑Burner Stove & Dishwasher      

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