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    Savannah Historic District

    Savannah’s Historic District is packed with beautiful historic churches, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you failed to visit at least a few of them. We explored five of these pieces of history back in January, now let’s take a look at five more historic churches that you should tour when you visit the Hostess City.

    Trinity United Methodist Church

    Built in 1848, Trinity United Methodist Church has the distinction of being the oldest Methodist church in Savannah. Since 1884, the church as been recognized as the Mother Church of Savannah Methodism. Trinity United Methodist Church features a sanctuary of Corinthian architecture, and the building itself reflects a Greek Revival Style. The church is sits on Telfair Square at 225 West President Street.

    Lutheran Church of The Ascension

    On Wright Square at 120 Bull Street is where you’ll find the Lutheran Church of The Ascension. This church combines both Gothic and Norman architecture and boasts stained-glass windows that show scenes from the life of Christ. A marble altar depicts Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Completed in the late 1870s, the church was used as a hospital for the wounded during the Civil War.

    Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church

    The Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church was built in 1868 and features a Gothic architectural style that was patterned after Nieuwe Kerk – or Queen’s Kirk, the most-visited church in Amsterdam. The church honors the founders of the Methodist denomination, John and Charles Wesley. Its memorial windows are made of European-stained glass, and one window, aptly named the Wesley Window, faces the pulpit and features the busts of the two brothers. Find the church at 429 Abercorn Street on Calhoun Square.

    Saint John’s Episcopal Church

    Located at 325 Bull Street on Madison Square, Saint John’s Episcopal Church serves as a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. The church was founded in 1841 and is recognizable for its harmonizing chimes that fill the air on the hour every day, as well as its stained-glass windows that portray scenes from the New Testament.

    Unitarian Universalist Church

    Established in 1851, the Unitarian Universalist Church was where “Jingle Bells” was composed. James Pierpont is credited with writing the classic Christmas in 1852. Located at 311 East Harris Street on Troup Square, the Unitarian Universalist Church stands out with its Gothic style features that make the building resemble a castle. The church was closed before the Civil War and purchased by freed slaves.

    There are no shortage of historic churches to explore during your stay in Savannah. Start planning your visit now!

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