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    The day just doesn’t start without a big cup of coffee. That smooth caffeinated drink is essential to tackling the morning, and luckily, downtown Savannah has its fair share of coffee shops that fit the bill nicely.

    The Gallery Espresso

    A Savannah coffee staple, The Gallery Espresso is the quintessential coffee shop at the south end of Chippewa Square. The shop bills itself as a Bohemian café, offering various pastries, salads, and other light fare to pair along with its satisfying coffee. Visit this cozy, French-inspired spot at 234 Bull Street.

    Foxy Loxy Café/The Coffee Fox

    Coffee and tacos? Sign us up! Yes, Foxy Loxy Café is a coffee shop, but it’s also a bakery and a Tex-Mex cantina. It’s as delicious as it sounds. Look for Foxy Loxy Café at 1919 Bull Street, right across from the Bull Street Library. The Coffee Fox is the sister location and while it may be a bit smaller, don’t expect a drop in the quality. You’ll find it in the heart of downtown Savannah’s shopping area on the corner of West Broughton and Whitaker streets.

    Mirabelle Savannah

    Mirabelle Savannah, situated at 313 Abercorn Street, offers your classic coffee, latte, cappuccino, and other specialty coffee drinks, but how would you like to pair a waffle with your drink? Mirabelle’s liège waffles pay homage to the street waffles of Belgium, giving you a taste of an internationally-inspired food.

    Vic’s Coffee Bar

    Located in an old cotton warehouse at 15 East River Street, Vic’s doubles as a coffee bar as well as one of the city’s finer dining establishments. You’re free to opt for the many hot and cold coffee options, or, if you’re feeling adventurous (and of legal age) you can booze up your cup of java.

    Fear not if you’re worried about finding a good coffee place during your stay in Savannah. We’ve got you covered.

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