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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Savannah, GA

Restaurants for Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place where the adults can enjoy a meal while keeping the kids entertained, but not in Savannah. These Savannah restaurants are kid-­friendly — and adult­-friendly, too! Fostering unique, fun environments your kids will love, these local spots also have great food that will keep you coming back for more.

La' Berry Frozen Yogurt Cafe

Select your cup. Select your yogurt. Select your toppings. Swirl it your way. That’s the way to do things at Broughton Street’s La Berry, where it’s easy to see why the concept behind froyo is so vogue. Froyo (aka frozen yogurt) follows a vision to create the ideal recipe using only the healthiest and freshest ingredients while promoting positive feelings through a delicious tasting treat in an inspiring environment. With bright blue walls, continuous electric-green platforms that wrap around on vertical planes, glowing orbs, and helix-print tabletops – it’s hard not to inspired by something. Modish and arithmetically charming, La Berry is also self-serve but the interactivity of it makes it even more fun – almost as if it’s an ice cream parlor that you have complete control of!