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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Savannah, GA

Restaurants for Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place where the adults can enjoy a meal while keeping the kids entertained, but not in Savannah. These Savannah restaurants are kid-­friendly — and adult­-friendly, too! Fostering unique, fun environments your kids will love, these local spots also have great food that will keep you coming back for more.

Miyabi Kyoto

Sit around a teppanyaki table as you watch your food get sizzled and chopped and expertly prepared right in front of you. This hibachi-style restaurant is as much a meal as it is great entertainment. Watch the chef play games with your food, like tossing some ingredients in the air and creating volcanoes out of your vegetables. The rules of “Don’t play with your food” do not apply at this family fun dining experience!