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    Savannah Historic District

    Nestled right in the heart of Savannah, Forsyth Park welcomes visitors into its lush oasis of swaying willows and sprawling greenery. But this isn’t your average park—it’s a vibrant slice of Savannah life where you can channel your inner Forrest Gump, sample mouthwatering Southern delights, and stroll through charming farmers’ markets. To truly savor the essence of Forsyth Park, beat the crowds, and embark on a morning adventure among the fragrant gardens, where you’ll find an array of aromatic plants and flowers. From foliage to fountains, Forsyth Park has something for everyone.

    Game On in the Garden

    Unleash your competitive spirit on the tennis and basketball courts (just don’t forget to BYOSG – Bring Your Own Sports Gear). If the courts are bustling with activity, consider tossing the frisbee or kicking around the soccer ball on one of the nearby fields. Before your visit, scout out the local amateur sports groups that frequent Forsyth Park, including the “Savannah Ultimate Frisbee Group.” If you’re looking to dive into the action, be sure to check out Savannah’s leagues.

    Stroll Down Movie Lane

    Take a step into the enchanting world of cinematic favorites like Forrest Gump and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as you wander through the iconic filming locations within Forsyth Park. Through the lens of your own personal camera, you too can think about life as a box of chocolates. You’ll also spot the magnificent Forsyth Park fountain, a beloved backdrop in many silver screen masterpieces. Its cascading streams and meticulously carved figures infuse a delightful ambiance throughout the park, leaving an everlasting impression on our Bubba Gump-loving hearts. And don’t forget to make a pit stop across the street at the Mercer-Williams House Museum to capture the essence of how John Berendt was inspired to pen his legendary novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

    Choose Your Own Adventure and Appetizer

    Mouthwatering Southern cuisine and fresh from the ocean seafood – Savannah has the best of both worlds. Collin’s Quarter Forsyth, a top-notch Savannah eatery, serves up both specialties. After your morning escapades, drop by to savor their delectable chicken and waffles or the scrumptious shrimp and grits. You might even indulge in a couple of bubbly mimosas (or more). If you prefer a lighter option, make your way to the Sentient Bean, just off Park Avenue on the park’s outskirts. Sip on their exceptional espresso, paired with delightful pastries and sandwiches that have earned the highest praise in local ratings. Still yearning for a taste of nature’s serenity? Spread out a blanket in one of Forsyth Park’s tranquil clearings and enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

    Harvesting Local Delights in the Heart of Forsyth Park

    Support small businesses at the local farmers market, situated right in the heart of Forsyth Park. Tons of vendors come from as far as two hundred miles away to do their part in creating a healthier Savannah. So, swing by on any Saturday throughout the year to stock up on fresh produce, delectable baked goods, and other natural goodies. Stick around for a few hours, and you might chance upon an outdoor concert at the park’s bandshell. Unwind on the grassy lawn with your freshly acquired Southern treasures while savoring the sweet tunes of a jazz band or the soothing melodies of the Philharmonics. Check out Savannah’s Forsyth Park Events to uncover more of your favorite festivals and exciting happenings during your stay.

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    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    From moonlit cobblestone walks to Spanish moss-laden carriage rides.

    The perfect blend of historic romance, alluring adventure, and southern charm is waiting in Savannah, Georgia. Whisk your sweetheart away to a city where cobblestone lanes intertwine with lush squares and a dynamic culinary scene, creating the perfect haven for your honeymoon. From the sun-kissed shores of Tybee Island to enchanting, horse-drawn carriage rides through historic squares, Savannah offers a variety of excellent honeymoon destinations and activities. Join us as we guide you through this enchanting city, ensuring your stay is nothing short of magical.

    Toes in the sand. Love in the air.

    A romantic beach setting with a peaceful and intimate atmosphere, Tybee Island is the perfect place to bask in the sun’s (and your lover’s) embrace or dive into aquatic adventures like kayaking, jet skiing, and paddleboarding. Climb to the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum for panoramic views that will take your breath away. Escape the city’s hustle and bustle in this charming coastal town and create memories as eternal as the tides.

    Set sail with your sweetheart.

    Tybee Island also offers a variety of boat tours, such as a dolphin tour, guided riverboat cruise, sightseeing, sunset dinner, an air-boat ride through the marsh and more. Enjoy a romantic sunset dinner cruise for two, glide along with the dolphins or explore Savannah’s history from the water. The Georgia Queen, our most famous boat, boasts more than incredible views—it serves up Southern-style meals and entertainment, all against the backdrop of Savannah’s skyline. Whether you’re seeking wildlife wonders or historical insights, these boat tours promise an aquatic escapade like no other.

    Carriage ride into the sunset.

    Travel through history on a horse-drawn carriage ride with your love tucked close at your side as you explore Savannah’s historic squares. Uncover hidden gems and charming spots, all while your knowledgeable driver weaves tales of the past. Disconnect from the digital world, savor each moment, and paint your honeymoon with a palette of slow-paced enchantment.

    Tour the skeletons in your closets.

    Savannah’s charm holds both light and shadows and on a ghost tour, you’ll experience both. Delve into the eerie past as you traverse cemeteries, haunted bars, and more. Whether you’re into spooky thrills or history tinged with a hint of the supernatural, Savannah’s ghost tours promise an unforgettable night. Grab your partner’s hand and brace yourselves for a spine-tingling adventure. And if you’re not much of a spooky enthusiast, at the Boozy Ghost tour you can visit haunted bars, grabbing a cocktail at each establishment.

    Be charmed by historic icons.

    Wander hand in hand through Savannah’s historic district, exploring iconic sites like The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and the majestic Forsyth Park. Immerse yourselves in the city’s rich heritage, from the historic Savannah Theater to the scenic squares that dot the landscape. Bonaventure Cemetery’s art structures and natural beauty offer a serene, romantic escape that will steal your heart.

    Toast to your love story.

    Dine within the elegant walls of an 18th-century mansion at the Olde Pink House, and let the ambiance embrace you as you savor locally caught seafood and Southern-style dishes. With its unique layout and intimate atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to spend a romantic evening. Step into a Victorian-style mansion at Elizabeth on 37th, where elegance reigns and love blooms. Enjoy an exquisite dining experience that matches the grandeur of the setting. Let the culinary artistry take you on a journey of flavors and passion. Indulge in French-American flavors in the luxury dining room of Noble Fare. Elevate your honeymoon with a dining experience fit for royalty. As you savor each bite, let the ambiance and dishes reflect the grandeur of your love story.

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    Elevate your honeymoon experience with the perfect stay. Discover historic luxury at the , where top-notch amenities await. For convenience and charm, consider the Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Historic District. Seeking riverfront views and contemporary flair? The Homewood Suites by Hilton Savannah Historic District/Riverfront offers both. For an intimate escape, the Quality Inn Savannah Historic District lets you explore downtown while enjoying a comfortable retreat. Whatever your preference—riverfront allure or historic coziness—find your ideal backdrop for a memorable honeymoon.

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    Vacation Like a Baller, on a Budget

    Savannah has always been a city that caters to the haves and the have-nots. Sure, you could drop a small fortune on a waterfront penthouse, five-star dining, and a Broughton Street shopping spree. But you can also have an equally memorable time of your life without dipping into your life savings. Here’s a short list of our favorite free and low-priced things to do and see in the city that respects all tax brackets.

    The Big Splurge

    Hop-On-Hop-Off Trolley Tour $28
    This is today’s one big expense and it won’t break the bank. For under $30, your entire day’s travel expenses are covered. No parking fees or ride-shares. Map out your route prior to boarding or go with the spontaneous flow. Then, fill your day with visits to historical sights, beautifully manicured squares and parks, the City Market and River Street. Hop off, explore, people-watch, then catch the next trolley.

    Free Attractions. Yeah, Free.

    Forsyth Park
    Dripping with Spanish moss and a romantic atmosphere, Forsyth Park is one of Savannah’s most popular destinations. Complete with a stunning fountain and grassy clearings, Forsyth Park is a go-to for a morning stroll. Don’t miss the weekend farmer’s market, mentioned below.

    Cathedral Basilica of St John the Baptist
    Built in the mid-1800s, this French Gothic cathedral pays homage to the heavens with its stunning flying buttress, intricately carved arches, and stained glass windows. While entry is free, a small donation is suggested for respect purposes.

    Window Shopping
    You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy browsing the genuine historical souvenirs for sale in shops throughout Savannah. And there are plenty of deals to be had on antique artifacts. Be sure to ask for their history from the well-informed shopkeepers.

    Bonaventure Cemetery
    Learn more about Savannah’s history with a spooky visit to this gothic cemetery. The monuments display whispers of the past about scientists, novelists, poets, and other historical figures.

    Inexpensive Eats

    Vinnie Van Gogo’s
    Best known for its New York Style pizza and Italian dishes, Vinnie’s is highly recommended by locals.

    Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room
    Mrs. Wilkes introduces some of the best southern cooking in Savannah. Expect a satisfied pallet with their selection of gumbo, corn muffins, and fried chicken.

    Forsyth Farmers Market
    Get the true tastes of Savannah experience with locally grown produce and a wide selection of prepared foods. The Forsyth Farmer’s Market is usually open Saturdays from 9am-1pm and is located right inside Forsyth Park.

    Starland Yard
    With a combination of food trucks, live performances, and events, Starland Yard caters to every person looking for a fun experience with a chill vibe.

    Stop by a local grocery store or cafe for some goodies and treat yourself to a picnic in your choice of the many squares and parks that dot Savannah.

    The Best Rates.

    View a curated collection of hotels with rooms and rates to fit a wide range of budgets.

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    Travel back in time, nearly three centuries, to the enchanting city of Savannah. Here, history weaves its magic into the fabric of everyday life, creating a tapestry of legends and allure that captures the imagination. Wander through the streetscapes, marvel at the architectural masterpieces, indulge in the mouthwatering cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the past and present at four of Savannah’s most popular attractions.

    1. City Market

    A well-preserved modern-day marvel

    City Market

    Once upon a time, the original City Market at Ellis Square bustled with life, serving as a vibrant hub for food, livestock, and various goods during the colonial era. As time marched on, the Market underwent transformations, enduring fires, the Civil War and the devastating hurricane of 1896, only to fall into neglect as the city’s population and commerce spread elsewhere. But a new chapter began in 2007, when the revitalization of City Market commenced, transforming it into the vibrant public space we know today. Now a thriving pedestrian-only destination, City Market brims with art galleries, restaurants, bars, and specialty retail shops, where live music fills the air almost every night. Thanks to Savannah’s preservation movement, City Market stands proudly as a home to some of the Historic District’s most beloved establishments, with historic storefronts and warehouses spilling into the shaded pedestrian courtyard between the captivating Ellis and Franklin Squares.

    2. The Forsyth Park Fountain

    A fountain of youthful spirit

    The Forsyth Park Fountain

    Built for the “pleasure of the public,” the Forsyth Park Fountain is a timeless masterpiece that has graced Savannah’s landscape since the 1850s. Crafted by the skilled hands of William Hodgson, this fountain channels the elegance of the iconic Place de la Concorde in Paris. Named after the esteemed John Forsyth, governor, and secretary of state, it was designed after the French ideal of having a central public garden. A beautiful place to congregate and chatter with company. Today, the Forsyth Park fountain has become an absolute darling among locals and visitors alike, its charm irresistible to romantics and photographers. It’s no wonder that this breathtaking landmark has witnessed countless declarations of love, serving as the backdrop for proposals, engagement photo shoots and joyous wedding celebrations.

    3. The Lucas Theatre

    A shining example of ‘The show must go on’

    Lucas Theatre

    Celebrating just over 100 years of service, the Lucas Theatre’s story is one of creation, artistic expression, and of course, entertainment. Back in 1921, Arthur Lucas and architect C.K. Howell poured their hearts into designing a theater that would embody the best of Greek Revival, Art Deco, and Neoclassical architecture. For decades, this magnificent venue showcased vaudeville acts and screened beloved films until its closure in 1976. But it was not their final act. In December 2000, the Lucas Theatre rose from its slumber, thanks to the vision of SCAD and the formation of the Lucas Theatre for the Arts. Now, this cultural gem thrives as a hub for a diverse range of community events, boasting top-notch entertainment like opera, orchestras, and film series. From the mesmerizing Savannah Music Festival to the harmonious Savannah Philharmonic and the star-studded Savannah Film Festival, the Lucas Theatre for the Arts beckons both locals and visitors into a world of artistic wonders.

    4. The Kehoe House

    A fascinating tale of perseverance and timeless elegance

    The Kehoe House began in 1842 when young William Kehoe journeyed from Ireland to Savannah with his family, seeking a new life. Starting as an apprentice in an iron foundry, William’s determination led him to eventually become one of the city’s most successful businessmen. With his growing prosperity, he commissioned the construction of a grander residence, entrusting architect DeWitt Bruyn with the task. In May of 1892, the magnificent Kehoe House was completed, becoming the cherished abode of Mr. and Mrs. Kehoe and their 10 children. After passing through various hands, including football star Joe Namath, the house underwent a two-year renovation in 1990. Today, as The William Kehoe House, it stands as a historic bed and breakfast inn, exuding charm, and hosting guests in its 15 enchanting rooms. From its rich history to its reputation as a haunt for ghost tours, this iconic home weaves a captivating story in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District.

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    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    48 Hours in the Hostess City

    Whether you’re a history buff, bookworm, beer lover, or art aficionado, Savannah’s riverside culture and rich history have a little something for everyone. Though you might not be able to squeeze all the sights and tastes of this iconic and historic Southern city into 48 hours, you can always come back for more.


    Cruise through Savannah with Kelly Tours | 1:00 PM

    If only there was a way to explore Savannah’s cobblestone streets and Southern scenery without having to walk the whole way. Luckily for you, there’s Kelly Tours–Savannah’s premiere trolley tour. Hop on and hop off at your own pace as Kelly Tours takes you past the city’s sweeping riverfront views, mossy Victorian-era mansions, and centuries of history with knowledgeable tour guides. Sign up for your tour, and see all that Savannah has to offer.

    Savannah Art by Savannah Artists at Shop SCAD | 3:00 PM

    Looking to get your hands on some authentic Savannah culture–but want something that’s actually from this century? ShopSCAD is your one-stop shop for local art and fashion, made by the talented students and alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Here, you can browse the store’s extensive catalog by category (paintings, holiday-related items, books, and more), or you can browse for your favorite artists online or in person.

    Grub at the Green Truck Pub | 5:00 PM

    Do you want your first taste of Savannah to be as authentic and memorable as the city? For a hungry and thirsty traveler, there’s no better spot to grab a Southern dinner than the Green Truck Pub. Help yourself to a heaping pimento cheeseburger, coleslaw made just right, and a local beverage to quench your thirst. This bustling hotspot doesn’t make reservations, so go in the early evening to beat the crowds.


    Sunny Morning Stroll at Forsyth Park Farmers Market | 9:00 AM

    Start your second day in Savannah bright and early at Forsyth Park Farmers’ Market. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or ingredients for a homemade, Georgia-grown afternoon picnic with the family, Forsyth’s unique vendors (dozens of farmers, bakers, beekeepers, and brewers) will have you covered. As you browse this outdoor market, snack on sweet breads and Georgia pecans, hummus and popcorn, peaches, and oranges, and even take home a few bottles of Southern-style hot sauce.

    Cats, Classics, and Comfy Chairs at E. Shavers Booksellers | 11:00 AM

    Bookworms and history buffs alike will love E. Shaver Booksellers, the oldest independently owned bookstore in Savannah. Dating back over 30 years, this store features a wide range of novels, giftable items, and even a few resident kitties, all across the 12 unique rooms. E. Shavers makes for a great shopping stop before lunch. Check out their schedule ahead of time and drop in for an event or book club meeting, or maybe even meet an author.

    Olympia Café, a Taste of Greece… in Georgia | 12:30 PM

    When you think of travel destinations for Greek cuisine, Savannah probably isn’t high on the list. But Savannah’s Olympia Café has truly been a part of the local culture for the last 20 years with its riverfront views and top-rated cuisine. Olympia’s menu includes authentic Greek dishes like gyros, delicious desserts like baklava, and 32 flavors of ice cream. Plus, the café provides a wide selection of menu options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diners.

    Take a Trip to the Past at Telfair Academy | 2:00 PM

    It’s not every day that you can find 200 years of living history in one building, like at Telfair Academy. Right off the Savannah River, this historic governor’s mansion, built in 1819, has dozens of rooms, galleries, and halls plucked straight from the past, featuring paintings, sculptures, and recreations of Southern living from the 1800s and 1900s. Guided tours of Telfair Academy are available from 10 am to 5 pm, seven days a week, and last about 45 minutes.

    Pour Yourself a Drink at the Prohibition Museum | 4:00 PM

    Who said drinks and history lessons can’t mix? Check out the Prohibition Museum in downtown Savannah for a guided tour of America’s prohibition era with 35 wax figures and over 1,000 real-life artifacts. The best part? At the end of this 45-minute tour, you’ll get a chance to break your own dry spell and fix yourself a custom-made alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverage at the museum’s 1920’s-esque speakeasy.

    Art Deco Dinner at The Grey | 6:30 PM

    Southern seafood in a 1930’s Greyhound-bus-themed dining room is about as unique, retro, and tasty as it gets. At the Grey, you’ll feel like you’re in another century (but with air conditioning) as you enjoy old-fashioned cooked oysters, red rice, dry-aged ribeye, and a variety of French wines to pair. For a seat on this soul food bus, you’ll want to have a reservation and a dressy casual outfit for the evening.


    Brunch at Goose Feathers Café | 12:00 PM

    That was a busy Saturday, so sleep in and get a late start to your Sunday at one of the best brunch spots in town where all the breads and pastries are made from scratch on-site. The ambiance at Goose Feathers Café combines Lower Manhattan’s urban Greenwich Village with the Left Bank of Paris. Try a fresh sweet preserve-filled or chocolate-stuffed butter croissant. Yum! Their hearty oatmeal is homemade, the eggs benedict are a staple, and the breakfast panini is simply delicious. Don’t leave without trying their freshly baked carbs.

    Treasure Hunt at Picker Joe’s Antique Mall | 2:00 PM

    Why not take a piece of Savannah’s history back home? Whether you’re looking for a salvaged piece of Southern decor to spruce up your home or a classic piece of jewelry to gift, chances are that Picker Joe’s Antique Mall and Vintage Market will have something you can’t pass on in their inventory of over 35,000 items. But don’t be overwhelmed. The store’s staff of history buffs will help you pick out the perfect piece to take home.

    Ice Cream at the Legendary Leopold’s | 4:00 PM

    But, before you leave town, don’t forget to wander into Leopold’s for something sweet. This century-old ice cream and soda parlor is the old-fashioned cherry on top of any Savannah adventure. Here, treat yourself to a scoop or three of authentic, Georgian butter pecan ice cream and a tall glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade. Or if you’re in the mood for something cozier, grab a Cocoa Leopold—your favorite ice cream flavor dunked in a cup of Leopold’s signature, homemade hot chocolate.

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    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    Skip the pet sitting and book yourself and your pup a trip to the doggy-friendly city of Savannah. This coastal destination is full of pet-accessible hotels, restaurants, curiosities, and walkable riverscapes. Here are some of the best spots to explore with your fluffiest family members.

    Hotels with southern hos-pet-ality

    There’s more pet-friendly fun in downtown Savannah than you and your pup can fit into a single day. Luckily for y’all, there’s also no shortage of dog-friendly hotels in the Savannah Historical District either. If your pup is feeling regal, there’s the DoubleTree by Hilton with luxurious guestrooms that beat any dog bed, a poolside lounge, and fresh cookies when you arrive. Or, if upscale modern is more your style, book a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn where you can chillax in a heated pool and split some room service snacks with your furry friend.

    Woof through Wormsloe’s trails

    What better place to stretch your two (or four) legs than the natural, low country trails at Wormsloe State Historical Site? As you and your pup walk and wag along miles of shaded Savannah scenery, you’ll discover a rich history of ruins, riverfront views, and a picturesque picnic area. For puppy parents in search of more immersive fun, don’t forget to sign up for one of Wormsloe’s Fido-friendly, historical events and hikes too.

    Puppy in the Pedicab

    Dog walking? How about dog riding? If you and your well-behaved canine companion are looking to explore Savannah while beating the heat, your best bet is to ride with Savannah Pedicab. Catch some wind in your hair as Savannah Pedicab’s tiny taxis pedal you to popular historical sites, restaurants, or anywhere else in town you and Fido want to refuel at. Whether you’re looking to make a single stop or to see all that city has to offer, Savannah Pedicab’s tours have availability from half an hour to a full day of fun. All you have to do is go online or call ahead to book your cab.

    Rover on River Street

    Leash up your furry friend and stroll down River Street for a day of fun in the heart of Savannah. As you catch a breeze off the Savannah River and take in the city’s enticing sights and smells, you’ll want to make stops along the way at Savannah’s many doggy-friendly destinations. For starters, there’s The Black Dog General Store, if you’re looking for goodies for human and canine shoppers. Or, if your pup is craving a sweet snack, be sure to stop by Leopold’s Ice Cream for a Doggie Sundae.

    Bark or buzz at Savannah Bee Company

    What do dogs, humans, and bees have in common? They all love honey! And no one knows this better than the pet-friendly Savannah Bee Company, a honey-themed store located on River Street. For human shoppers, Savannah Bee Company provides a variety of sweet drinks and snacks, like their mead and honey (free samples included). If your best friend needs a treat too, don’t worry. There are plenty of honey ginger biscuits to go around.

    Chow and chill at Cha Bella

    Hungry after a day on the town with your hound? Check out the delicious, locally-sourced seafood and farm-fresh ingredients at Cha Bella, one of Savannah’s tastiest dog-friendly restaurants. Then, soak in the evening ambiance on their swanky, pup-approved patio. While you settle in and peruse Cha Bella’s local wine and beer selection, the restaurant’s staff will even provide your Fido with his own water bowl to sip from.

    Beware, Blue Orb Ghost Tour

    Finally, the Blue Orb ghost tour may not be for scaredy-cats, but leashed dogs are more than welcome to join in this spooky Savannah adventure. Once you’ve booked your after-dark, guided tour with Blue Orb, you and your fur baby will be in for a fright as you learn about and walk through the haunted history of Savannah. The tours offered through Blue Orb last about one-and-a-half to two hours, and they’ll take you right through the darkest graveyards and eeriest houses in Georgia’s oldest city. BOO! Or rather—BARK!

    Ready to get your paws on some dog-friendly, Savannah fun? Book your Stay Today!

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    The who, what & where of Saint Patrick’s Day.

    We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th, the anniversary of the death of Ireland’s patron saint as well as the fifth-century arrival of Christianity to Ireland. This is Saint Paddy’s origin story.

    The Saint • His father was Roman, his mother British, and they all lived in what is now part of modern-day Wales. So yeah, Patrick wasn’t Irish. His name wasn’t even Patrick. It was Maewyn Succat. Imagine celebrating Saint Succat’s Day. Maewyn preferred to go by Patricius, and it stuck. Now get this. As a child, the famed Apostle of Ireland wasn’t much of a Christian. Only after an unpleasant kidnapping did Patricius find God.

    The Pirates • When he was just 16, Patrick was captured by Irish raiders. For six years he was enslaved, learned Irish customs, and converted to Christianity. Then, as Patrick testifies in his Confessio, an angel appeared with an inspiring message, “You have fasted well. Very soon you will return to your native country.” A few fervent prayers later, he escaped home.

    The Return • Having returned a more enlighted Christian, Patrick dedicated his life to studying the faith. Another holy vision later and he was determined to spread the good word to the Irish. So, he bravely journeyed to the land of his captors, bringing a big ol’ rainbow pot of Christianity with him. While not warmly welcomed at first, eventually, Saint Patrick baptized thousands and helped establish over 300 churches.

    Symbols, Myths and Legends

    Shamrock Icon • When Saint Patrick was preaching, he often used the three leaves of the clover to teach people about the Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

    Snake Myth • Patrick had nothing to do with driving snakes out of the country. How can we be so sure? There were no snakes in Ireland. The myth may have arisen as an allegory for Saint Patrick driving out pagan beliefs to pave the way for Christianity.

    Corned Beef Baloney • Some say we celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with corned beef because Patrick presumably ate the salt-cured meat on his voyage home after escaping his captors. False. Seems more likely that Irish Americans introduced the classic dish with a side of cabbage many years later. In fact, the traditional Saint Patrick’s Day meal eaten in Ireland is actually lamb or bacon.

    Green Fact • From head to toe (or at least a pair of shamrock socks), you best be wearing your finest green on Saint Paddy’s Day. But why? In the late 1700s during the Irish Rebellion, soldiers wore green in contrast to the British red. The soldiers sang, “The Wearing of the Green”, and the color of shamrocks became Ireland’s signature color. Across the pond a couple of centuries later in 1962, Chicago canonized green on St. Paddy’s Day by dying their river a lovely shade of emerald.

    Leprechaun Legend • Prior to Christianity, many of the Irish believed in the Celtic religion, and leprechauns were often featured in Celtic folklore. The stories tell of fairy-like creatures fond of pinching people for not wearing green and guarding pots of gold at the end of rainbows.


    In the beginning • Before it was rebranded Saint Patrick’s Day, the commemoration of Patrick’s death and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland was dubbed “Feast Day” and took place on March 17, 461 AD.

    In Ireland • In the early twentieth century, Ireland declared Feast Day a national holiday. Over the years, a more popular name emerged and March 17th has been celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day ever since.

    In the United States • The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade actually took place in America and was commissioned in 1601 by the Spanish vicar of the colony that is now Saint Augustine, Florida. Some of the largest celebrations in the world continue annually in American cities where Irish immigrants originally flocked. Port towns like Boston, New York, and Chicago. Of course, the best place to get your green on (showing some bias here), is Savannah, Georgia.

    In Savannah • Over half a million revelers will descend upon this historic city overflowing with charm and Irish heritage. For everything you need to know about planning the perfect visit, check out our complete guide here.

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    Without a doubt, Savannah does indeed host one of the largest and liveliest Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in America. The parade is not to be missed. Over half a million will be there with green on. But why is the luck of the Irish felt here all year round? Let’s take a closer look at the other side of the rainbow in Savannah, without any further Irish cliches.

    The Origin Story

    To understand Savannah’s love affair with Ireland, you have to go back. Way back before Georgia was a state. In the 1730s, Irish immigrants seeking religious freedom were many of the area’s first settlers. The colony’s second royal governor, Henry Ellis, was himself of Irish descent. Immigration intensified during the land rush of the 1830s and 1840s. Then, in 1845 when the potato famine hit Ireland, the hard-working Irish fled to Savannah in mass to become the primary source of labor throughout Georgia’s growth. In the later part of the 19th century, when the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution pushed many north, cities like Boston and New York began to turn the Irish away in favor of American-born workers. In contrast, Savannah’s burgeoning shipping, agricultural, and railroad industries embraced the influx of resolute Irish workers.

    Accompanying the centuries-long rise of the Irish population, Irish heritage has strongly impacted Savannah’s rich culture and civic pride. From a walk through Emmet Park to see the Celtic Cross to a stroll through the Old Fort Neighborhood to feel like a member of the original Gaelic working class – you can easily feel the Irish influence any day of the year.

    Pro Tips: The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist hosts Saint Patrick’s Day mass typically the Sunday prior. Saint Patrick’s Day also gets a formal kickoff during a ceremony celebrating Irish heritage at the Celtic Cross in Emmet Park.

    The First Parade

    What is now a spectacle with several hundred thousand in attendance, the annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Savannah began as a private affair. On March 17 in 1813, the Hibernian Society of Savannah, a group of forty-four Savannah gentlemen on a mission to care for Irish immigrants, marched in a private Saint Paddy’s Day celebration. Over a decade later, the President of the Society invited all local Irishmen to join in a public procession. The popularity of the Irish commemoration continued to grow, and in 1870 the first Grand Marshall was appointed to lead the seasonal events. Other than a half-dozen interruptions, like the Civil War and the Irish revolution, the parade has marched on for over two centuries.

    The Grand Marshall

    On the last Sunday in February, the parade committee will continue the tradition of electing a new Grand Marshall, a tremendous honor. It’s also a huge commitment. This year’s electee will attend nearly sixty events over four weeks. Certainly the most famous among them is the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17.

    Witness History in the Marching

    Be a part of this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day events which actually extend over several days. Check out our complete guide here. The city’s population will grow five-fold for the festivities, so visit to book your hotel now.

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    Parade crowds will sweep into the historic district, the fountain in Forsyth Park will run green, and Irish stouts will flow all over town. This year’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah promises to be one of the largest and liveliest in America. Join the half-million revelers anticipated to hit the historic streets to celebrate the Irish holiday. The city’s southern hospitality, warm weather, and multi-day festivities make it a far better destination than the colder Northern towns. Just be safe and wear green to avoid the Leprechaun’s pinch. They’re bigger in Savannah.

    The Parade
    March 17 at 10:15 A.M.
    But go early!

    Marching bands accompanied by haunting bagpipes, tireless dancers in crazy costumes, and brightly colored floats so elaborate they rival those of Mardi Gras. This family-friendly parade is pure fun for a straight three to four hours. To make the most of your experience, pack some sunscreen and follow these tips. The parade begins at 10:15 in the morning, but road closures start as early as 6:30 a.m. So go early and stake your claim along the parade route. Abercorn Street is ideal for families, Bay can get a little rowdy, Broughton may be one of the easiest spots for a nice view, or simply reserve a bleacher starting at $35. There are a number of public garages, but consider using the convenient shuttle to avoid traffic. You’ll find the parade route, road closures, parking, shuttles, and bleacher rentals in our full guide to Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah.

    Post Parade

    The floats may be gone, but the day’s festivities have only just begun. Follow the crowds down to the cobblestones of River Street or to the pedestrian-friendly City Market to keep the good times going. In both historic settings, you’ll find live music stages, plus lots of options for food and drink. Take advantage of Savannah’s open-container policy and grab a Guinness to-go at one of these Savannah pubs and bars, most within walking distance of downtown. Pro tip: the city will expand the to-go cup zone for Saint Patrick’s Day only.

    Greening of the Fountain

    It goes quickly. In about 30 minutes or less, the water in the 170-year-old fountain in Forsyth Park goes green to mark the beginning of the St. Patrick’s season in Savannah. Even if you don’t join the Grand Marshall of the parade for the greening ceremony in early March, you may still want to visit for a selfie in front of the iron emerald jewel of Forsyth Park. The green water spewing from the white triton horns of this iconic Savannah landmark makes an incredibly post-worthy backdrop.

    Feeling Lucky?

    To score the pot of gold in accommodations, you’ll need more than a four-leafed clover. You need reservations. And now. Saint Patrick’s Day draws thousands of visitors, and 2023 promises to be no exception. So visit to book your hotel now.

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!

    Feeling weary of the extremely cold, overcrowded, weather-worn destinations in major cities? Then Savannah is your less noisy, more serene winter getaway go-to. Here, it’s not too hot and not too cold, (we like to call it Goldilocks weather). Rarely dipping below 40°F or going over the mid-60s, you can wear your cute sweaters without having to bundle up. Full of cozy culture and southern charm, here are some tips and tricks for your next Goldilocks getaway to Georgia’s oldest city.

    Pack Hacks

    No need to bundle up this time of year in Savannah. Yes, it’s going to be a little chillier in the winter, but feel free to leave the snow gear and parkas at home. The weather rarely drops below freezing and the high reaches the 60s during the day. All you really need are some pants, leggings, a light coat, a pair of boots and your favorite cashmere sweater. And don’t worry if you forget a thing or two—Savannah has an amazing array of shopping districts and local boutiques where you can pick up whatever you need. Now that’s sorted, let’s find some fun adventures that will warm your spirits.

    Skate the Night Away

    Keep your feet movin’ and groovin’ all afternoon while ice skating at the Savannah Civic Center. The city partners with the Savannah Ghost Pirates ice hockey team to turn the Martin Luther King Jr. Arena into a large skating rink. Normally skating only lasts from December through January, but this year the rink is open until May thanks to the Ghost Pirates, so you can enjoy the icy rink well into the spring. Check out the schedule before you go to see if there are any special events. Whether you want to try figure skating with your special someone or teach the kids how to play hockey, this is the perfect activity for couples and families.

    Discover Fantastic Festivals

    Bibliophiles rejoice! Depending on when you’re in Savannah, you can attend the ever-so-popular Savannah Book Festival on February 18. The festival presents a wide array of renowned and emerging authors throughout downtowns Chippewa Square, Wright Square and Telfair Square, guaranteeing a genre or novel for everyone. Grab a book, have it signed by the author, cozy up on a bench with a cup of joe and start reading.

    Tour Magnificent Mansions

    If the weather is a little too cold for comfort and you want an intimate and informative touring experience, head inside one of Savannah’s many house tours. The city features multiple mansions that have been converted into museums and now serve as an interactive historic adventure for friends and families. Stroll through each one to see pleasant period pieces and hear stories of previous owners. Step inside the Andrew Low House Museum for an astonishing look into 19th Century life in Savannah and get a glimpse of the Girl Scouts of America’s first headquarters. Visit the stunning Harper Fowlkes House and marvel at the mansion’s Greek Revival architecture, detailed aureate interior design and a plethora of 18th and 19th Century artwork, paintings and sculpture. For those wanting a vivid historical account, visit the Davenport House Museum to uncover the seedier side of Savannah’s history. The museum features information about the master builder and owner Isaiah Davenport, as well as a detailed history of his slaves and the city’s slave trade.

    Skidaway to Savannah’s State Park

    Mild winters allow travelers to get in touch with their wild side. Head on over to Skidaway Island State Park for some coastal fun. Walk the many trails or rent a bike for an afternoon ride. Take your shoes off and stroll along the beach or venture into the saltwater marshes. Wildlife watchers, bring your binoculars and search for a variety of animals in the park to discover over 300 species of birds from egrets to eagles; or keep your eye out for raccoons skidding along the campsite and fiddler crabs marching on the sand. Travelers with RVs can spend their winter vacation at the park’s campsite provided they RSVP in advance. With playgrounds, boardwalks and plenty of activities, Skidaway is the perfect place for family fun.

    Stroll Beautiful Botanicals

    The Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm (CGBG) proves to be the ideal location for anyone who wants a peaceful, quiet winter setting away from the city. Part of the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, the CGBG in Savannah boasts 10 acres of stunning gardens. Each features a wide variety of different plants and flowers. And each garden has its own design and aesthetic, from the Cottage Garden with an intimate feel to the Mediterranean Garden with its colorful, coastal vibe. Don’t forget to stop by the Barbour Lathrop Bamboo Collection to see over 70 collected species of bamboo. For those in town in late January, don’t miss the Camellia Festival on January 28 and 29 to see a special bloom exhibition and buy a few plants to take home. Whether you decide to stroll through the gardens or head off onto a walking trail, you’re bound to be surrounded by Georgia’s most gorgeous sites wherever you look.

    Ready to visit Savannah for a warmer winter vacation full of adventure and fun? Book your Stay Today!

    The Lady & Sons Restaurant

    Paula Deen’s famous Lady & Son’s Restaurant, as seen on the Food Network, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Choose from the southern buffet or order off the menu. Looking for some memorabilia? Paula Deen’s store is located on-site as well!