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    The first rule of being a good house guest is to never show up empty handed. What you bring will depend on where you’re going (Aunt May prefers a cookies in a collectible tin while cousin Maria likes unique cooking ingredients), so we’ve put together a list of Savannah shops to help you find a hostess gift a step above the rest.

    Salacia Salts

    Being a hostess is hard work. There’s all the prep work that goes into hosting a dinner, then the hosting itself, followed by all the hard work of cleaning up when the guests have gone. Salacia Salts is a high-quality collection of salt soaks, moisturizers, scrubs and other skin care products make with natural ingredients. Hand-mixed and packaged in reclaimed containers and wine bottles from Savannah venues, this gift shows you truly appreciate all the hard work that went into creating such a spectacular evening – and is a sure way to get invited back next year!

    Levy Jewelers

    Bringing a bottle of wine is always a go-to hostess gift idea, but why not jazz it up with some accessories? Pairing your wine with a wine opener or wine bottle holder will show you’ve put some real thought behind what you brought. Levy’s also carries a selection of serving platters and even flasks (perfect for the silent host!) that are sure to be conversation starters at future dinner parties.


    Full of quirky handmade items by past and present Savannah College of Art and Design students and faculty, you never really know what you’ll find here. Wine stoppers and pot holders, candlestick holders and table wares, you’ll find unique gifts at every turn. Make sure your hostess knows they can discover more about the artist that made their gift on the website.

    The Salt Table

    Remember how cousin Maria enjoys unique cooking ingredients? This is the store you’ve been looking for! The Salt Table has more types of salt than one person could ever use, but it’s a challenge well worth accepting. They have salt blocks and salt plates, salts infused with everything from truffles to ghost peppers to vanilla bean, smoked salt, Himalayan salt, Lemon Twist salt – you name it, they’ve salted it. But salt isn’t the only thing they carry. They specialize in Georgia made products, and are members of the Georgia Grown program and sell Georgia Grown products, including wine, oil and vinegar, pasta, and more!

    Byrd Cookie Co.

    It was 1924 when Ben T. Byrd, Sr. began making small batches of cookies and delivering them around town. Ninety-three years later, it’s no surprise that they’re a household name in Savannah. Their Key Lime Coolers and Georgia Peach cookies are two of their biggest sellers, plus a selection of traditional cookies like chocolate chip and shortbread. Paired with their tins, their cookies make a great hostess gift. In addition to their regular tins, they also have 4 holiday styles to choose from.

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