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    The healthiest people we know have two big things in common: a love of fitness and healthy cooking habits. Show the health nut (or aspiring health nut) that you’re on board with their healthy lifestyle this holiday season with some healthy gift choices.

    The Salt Table

    Salt isn’t the only product you’ll find at The Salt Table. They specialize in Georgia made products, and are members of the Georgia Grown program and carry a variety of healthy items. Try their Turmeric Infused Honey to help with inflammation, and their Honey Crumbles are a great sugar substitute and can be used on meat, vegetables, and even in baking.

    Savannah Bee

    Honey is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. People use it as a sweetener in tea, coffee, and even cakes and cookies. Savannah Bee carries an assortment of flavors you can taste, and they’ll even give you suggestion on how and what to pair each type of honey with, including cheese. That sounds like a winning gift right there.

    Half-Moon Outfitters

    Fitness doesn’t have to be boring! To prepare for his upcoming role in Justice League, Jason Momoa hit the gym every day, but he also incorporated rock climbing and skateboarding into his routine. Head over to Half-Moon Outfitters to pick out something for the aspiring superhero in your life. When it comes to new and innovative products, they’re at the head of the pack, so you’ll be sure to find the best equipment and some fun accessories while you’re there.

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