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    Fall in Savannah is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The changing of leaves, cooling temperatures, and strolling along the beautiful and sometimes haunted historic sites are just a few of the glorious reasons to pack your bag and head down to the southern hostess city once the summer heat dissipates. Now you may be thinking, “Did she just say haunted?” The answer is “Yes!” With the rich history of Savannah comes some local spots with great food, drinks, and ghosts. I have mapped out five of the spookiest pubs below so you can add some paranormal hunting to your vacation to-do list.

    Moon River Brewing Company

    Let’s start with a classic haunt, Moon River Brewing Company. While the charming exterior and serene beer garden may seem calm, looks are deceiving. Inside the building, patrons and employees report that they have been pushed but no one was there, seen bottles suddenly thrown by an unseen force, heard laughter coming from empty hallways, and run into not so friendly ghost “Toby” when they’ve ventured into the basement. These mischievous spirits have even attracted The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters to come to Savannah and document the paranormal activity.

    Tondee’s Tavern

    Now that we’ve made it through Moon River, the next four stops should be a breeze! Let’s venture on to Tondee’s Tavern where you can grab a drink, a meal, and maybe a ghost sighting. Built in the 1850’s, the building that houses Tondee’s was originally a bank and during the civil war it was used as the headquarters for a Union General. If you’re feeling particularly brave, hop on one of the local ghost tours and enter another basement where you may encounter the ghost of a soldier!

    17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant

    We’ve made it halfway through our spooky journey! Let’s look at 17Hundred90 where you can see not one, but three ghosts! Grab a drink at the bar and you might get a chance to see Thaddeus, a friendly young spirit who may leave pennies on the bar. The staff, however, experience a more frightening spirit who likes to toss pots and pans around the kitchen. You can also check into room 204 and meet Anna. Anna was said to be caught in a nasty love triangle and threw herself from a third floor window. It is believed that she stays in room 204, nudging guests, moving items, and tugging on the bed covers.

    Pour Larry’s

    You guys still with me on our hauntingly fun adventure? We’ve made it too far to back out now! Let’s take a peek at our 4th spot, Pour Larry’s. Make your way downstairs to experience this City Market basement bar and enjoy some live music, drinks, and possibly some busted glass thrown at employees by an unseen hand! Our ghostly friends seem to love to roam basements, so it’s no surprise that this bar is the perfect spot for some paranormal activity.

    Six Pence Pub

    Now that we’ve been though some truly terrifying stops, it’s time to grab a nice cold brew to calm your nerves and brace yourselves for our final stop. Six Pence Pub, a quaint and one of a kind British Pub is so picturesque you’d never guess that the employees may experience pots and pans suddenly flying off the counters, sudden drops in temperature, chairs being turned around at random by invisible guests, and light bulbs bursting. It’s believed that the spirits here tend to haunt the employees more than the patrons but stop in and chat with them for some ghostly tales.

    You guys did it! We made it through five of the spookiest bars in Savannah. These are just a starting point, as there are many other bars, restaurants, and inns that house some friendly and not so friendly spirits. So the next time you come to Stay in Savannah on a crisp fall evening, make sure venture out and see if you can find one of the mischievous ghouls from our spooky pub adventure. Happy Hauntings!

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