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    Typically, vacation is all about lettin’ loose — at least a little. And in a Southern city like Savannah where decadent home cooking is immensely popular, sometimes lettin’ loose might also mean loosening those pants a little, too. But no need to fret because we’re here with a little helpful advice for how to enjoy a healthy, feel-good Savannah getaway (even with a few indulgences here and there).

    Dancing Dogs Yoga
    Nothing starts the day off right like a proper sun salutation pose (and also preps those muscles for a walking tour later). Whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for 10 years, Dancing Dogs Yoga in downtown Savannah on Broughton Street has a class for you. “Our classes can be challenging,” explained Christine Graeber, general manager of the Savannah and Tybee studios and an instructor. “We’re a hot power yoga studio but we teach to all levels so though we do offer more advanced postures, we don’t expect someone to be able to do them all.”

    With enough space to accommodate up to 75 people, walk-ins are welcome. If you’re looking for a specific class you can visit their website for a complete schedule. Dancing Dogs even offers equipment rental to make it easier to incorporate yoga into your getaway. “Vacations can be stressful,” commented Graeber. “Your diet can change, you don’t exercise, and yoga is a great opportunity to get balanced.” Maybe you had a few too many cocktails the night before? “We say ‘detox to retox’,” quipped Graeber, who adds one class with Dancing Dogs can help you reduce stress, create flexibility, and pump up your heart rate as well. Sounds like the perfect way to get things going in Savannah!

    Brighter Day Natural Foods
    If you’re visiting Savannah, chances are Forsyth Park is on your list of things to see. While you’re at the park’s south end, be sure you visit the best little health shop you’ve ever been in, Brighter Day Natural Foods. “It was 1978 and we were both young, 24 at the time, but we found this location and everything fell in place,” said Janie Brodhead who, with her husband, Peter, co-owns the health food store.

    Still in its original location, Brighter Day is one of those places that makes you feel healthier just by walking inside. From vitamins and minerals to organic foods and even a grab-and-go deli counter (all healthy of course), Brodhead and her husband believe in much more than ‘selling’ good but also helping customers make good choices as well. “We’ve set very strict standards for everything in our store so a customer can come in blindfolded and confidently make selections of natural, preservative-free, good-for-you items without reading one label.”

    With most of their staff having a 30-year or longer involvement with Brighter Day, you can go in not knowing one thing about what vitamins you need yet leave feeling fully informed — and healthier — for your visit. Whether you need a natural remedy from eating too much the night before, or just a little something to fend off vacation weariness, Brighter Day is going to make your vacation — and your overall well-being — much better!

    Kayak Kafé
    So you’ve done your yoga, stocked up on vitamins and now, you’re hungry! Though fried chicken (or seafood, or steaks…) are bound to be on your plate at some point during your stay in Savannah, you can still leave room for some healthy fare, Savannah style. Kayak Kafé, located on Broughton Street, has been serving affordable, healthy, fast-casual choices to customers for almost 13 years. “The inspiration behind our menu items is to offer great, sustainable selections for everyone,” said Brendan Pappas, owner/operator of Kayak Kafé. “Whether you follow a plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, paleo or omnivore diet, we offer great house-made choices using the highest quality ingredients around.”

    Among Kayak Kafé’s more unique menu choices are the Black-Eyed Pea Burger, Lime Chicken Enchiladas, and the Walnut Chorizo Tacos. “If you didn’t know it was healthy, you would still love it as much,” Pappas said. “We pride ourselves on making everything in house, from scratch, including all of our vegan dishes.” Even if you’re in need of a meal on the go, Kayak Kafé uses only biodegradable and compostable products so you’ll feel as good about what you eat as what its served in — now that’s ‘feel good’ all day long!

    Blend and Press Wellness Bar
    And rounding out our tips for a healthy getaway is Blend and Press Wellness Bar, where owner Chelsea Dye and her team of ‘mixologists’ have perfected the recipe(s) for clean living. “People just don’t have energy,” explained Dye. “We’re creating an easier solution to the ills and woes of getting healthy and staying healthy.” What you may think of as a smoothie, Dye and her mixologists create using a press and blend technique — no ice — in order to preserve the integrity of ingredients and make her selections as clean as possible.

    “It’s a nice way to stay healthy,” said Dye. “Customers can come in and pick up our drinks and store them in their room fridge to easily have on hand and it’s still going to be good and fresh. We also offer smaller-sized shots so from a super-immunity shot to combat an airplane’s cabin air or one to help with changes in diet and irregularity, we’re here to help customers find the solutions their bodies need.” Dye even encourages those traveling to the city to call her before you arrive to discuss your needs and Blend and Press Wellness Bar will customize their products for you ahead of time,  which means no excuses, right?

    Even though the Savannah foodie scene may get more recognition for its ‘comfort’ side, it’s good to know there are still amazingly healthy ways to enjoy a feel-good Savannah getaway – and take the good home with you! See you soon!

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