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The hospitality industry creates a lot of waste. One of the largest contributors is servicing rooms for guests. When rooms are serviced, bathrooms are provided with new soaps and bottled shampoos. Nationwide, this practice contributes around 14 million pounds of waste to landfills every single year. Soap is easily recyclable, so it’s very unfortunate that so much is being discarded.

All preferred hotels on Stay in Savannah partner with Clean the World, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating waste and saving lives. Since 2009, Clean the World has partnered with hotels to collect soaps for recycling and distribution to nearly 120 countries worldwide. Since 2016, Stay in Savannah’s partnership with Clean the World has kept over 10,000 pounds of waste out of local landfills. Stay in Savannah partners have also recycled and distributed over 35,000 bars of soap and distributed nearly 10,000 hygiene kits to communities in need, both domestic and international.

Recycling Reduces Environmental Impact

Keeping hotel rooms clean is a priority, but hotel soaps, shampoos and lotions are needlessly thrown away, even if they are not fully used. This inefficient practice adds millions of pounds of unnecessary waste to landfills. Clean the World helps to mitigate some of the effects of landfill waste by recycling soaps and distributing them to people in need.

Partnering with Clean the World, Stay in Savannah partners have not only been able to provide thousands of soaps and hygiene kits for those in need, but have also been able to improve their practices, making hotels much more environmentally conscious.

Preserving Natural Resources Reduces Costs

It’s estimated that hotels nationwide discard nearly 2 million bars of soap every single day. This wasteful practice not only drives up the cost of resources but also skews the levels of consumption. Though seemingly insignificant, the costs associated with servicing rooms can build up over time, especially with soaps. The reality is that millions of dollars are being thrown away instead of helping those in need.

By choosing to recycle used soaps through Clean the World, Stay in Savannah partner hotels use resources more effectively. Simultaneously, hotels pay closer attention to their consumption. All of the materials that hotels source can be more closely monitored so that they only take what they need.

Supporting Global Communities Saves Lives

A World Health Organization study estimates that nearly 1.8 billion people around the world don’t have access to proper sanitation. Consequently, nearly 1 million lives, mostly children, are lost every year due to bacterial and viral infections. These deaths could be easily prevented with proper sanitation.

Clean the World is striving to prevent perfectly good soaps from going to waste. These soaps can go directly to help communities with sanitation needs. Through Clean the World, Stay in Savannah partners have made a genuine impact, helping people in need.

Stay in Savannah partners proudly use these renewable practices in all preferred hotels.

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