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    Savannah Historic District

    Feeling weary of the extremely cold, overcrowded, weather-worn destinations in major cities? Then Savannah is your less noisy, more serene winter getaway go-to. Here, it’s not too hot and not too cold, (we like to call it Goldilocks weather). Rarely dipping below 40°F or going over the mid-60s, you can wear your cute sweaters without having to bundle up. Full of cozy culture and southern charm, here are some tips and tricks for your next Goldilocks getaway to Georgia’s oldest city.

    Pack Hacks

    No need to bundle up this time of year in Savannah. Yes, it’s going to be a little chillier in the winter, but feel free to leave the snow gear and parkas at home. The weather rarely drops below freezing and the high reaches the 60s during the day. All you really need are some pants, leggings, a light coat, a pair of boots and your favorite cashmere sweater. And don’t worry if you forget a thing or two—Savannah has an amazing array of shopping districts and local boutiques where you can pick up whatever you need. Now that’s sorted, let’s find some fun adventures that will warm your spirits.

    Skate the Night Away

    Keep your feet movin’ and groovin’ all afternoon while ice skating at the Savannah Civic Center. The city partners with the Savannah Ghost Pirates ice hockey team to turn the Martin Luther King Jr. Arena into a large skating rink. Normally skating only lasts from December through January, but this year the rink is open until May thanks to the Ghost Pirates, so you can enjoy the icy rink well into the spring. Check out the schedule before you go to see if there are any special events. Whether you want to try figure skating with your special someone or teach the kids how to play hockey, this is the perfect activity for couples and families.

    Discover Fantastic Festivals

    Bibliophiles rejoice! Depending on when you’re in Savannah, you can attend the ever-so-popular Savannah Book Festival on February 18. The festival presents a wide array of renowned and emerging authors throughout downtowns Chippewa Square, Wright Square and Telfair Square, guaranteeing a genre or novel for everyone. Grab a book, have it signed by the author, cozy up on a bench with a cup of joe and start reading.

    Tour Magnificent Mansions

    If the weather is a little too cold for comfort and you want an intimate and informative touring experience, head inside one of Savannah’s many house tours. The city features multiple mansions that have been converted into museums and now serve as an interactive historic adventure for friends and families. Stroll through each one to see pleasant period pieces and hear stories of previous owners. Step inside the Andrew Low House Museum for an astonishing look into 19th Century life in Savannah and get a glimpse of the Girl Scouts of America’s first headquarters. Visit the stunning Harper Fowlkes House and marvel at the mansion’s Greek Revival architecture, detailed aureate interior design and a plethora of 18th and 19th Century artwork, paintings and sculpture. For those wanting a vivid historical account, visit the Davenport House Museum to uncover the seedier side of Savannah’s history. The museum features information about the master builder and owner Isaiah Davenport, as well as a detailed history of his slaves and the city’s slave trade.

    Skidaway to Savannah’s State Park

    Mild winters allow travelers to get in touch with their wild side. Head on over to Skidaway Island State Park for some coastal fun. Walk the many trails or rent a bike for an afternoon ride. Take your shoes off and stroll along the beach or venture into the saltwater marshes. Wildlife watchers, bring your binoculars and search for a variety of animals in the park to discover over 300 species of birds from egrets to eagles; or keep your eye out for raccoons skidding along the campsite and fiddler crabs marching on the sand. Travelers with RVs can spend their winter vacation at the park’s campsite provided they RSVP in advance. With playgrounds, boardwalks and plenty of activities, Skidaway is the perfect place for family fun.

    Stroll Beautiful Botanicals

    The Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm (CGBG) proves to be the ideal location for anyone who wants a peaceful, quiet winter setting away from the city. Part of the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, the CGBG in Savannah boasts 10 acres of stunning gardens. Each features a wide variety of different plants and flowers. And each garden has its own design and aesthetic, from the Cottage Garden with an intimate feel to the Mediterranean Garden with its colorful, coastal vibe. Don’t forget to stop by the Barbour Lathrop Bamboo Collection to see over 70 collected species of bamboo. For those in town in late January, don’t miss the Camellia Festival on January 28 and 29 to see a special bloom exhibition and buy a few plants to take home. Whether you decide to stroll through the gardens or head off onto a walking trail, you’re bound to be surrounded by Georgia’s most gorgeous sites wherever you look.

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