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    One of Savannah’s most unique cafés rests on the corner of Barnard and Anderson. Almost residential, it has flower pots hanging from the window sills and a welcome mat before the front door. On one side, guests can enjoy a range of gourmet pastries, sweets, and fragrant coffees from Blends on Broughton at tables scattered with board games, books, and bright succulents. These amusements are rarely stirred, for a much more lively source of entertainment romps behind a windowed partition, separating a similarly sized space filled with cushioned couches and chairs. Although some visit for the food and drink, most frequent this local Savannah café for the cats.  

    Purrvana Café and Cat Lounge is half coffee shop, half cat café, filled with anywhere between five and fifteen cats at a time. Visitors can either choose to watch from the café side, or be guided to the cozy lounge area to play, pet, and possibly adopt these furry felines. Right now, Purrvana is home to thirteen cats ranging from a couple months to twelve years old. All of them are available for adoption through Palmetto Animal League — a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue operating out of South Carolina. 



    But even if you aren’t visiting with the intention to adopt, your patronage at Purrvana is beneficial to the cats and kittens coming through their doors. The proceeds from a small entry fee go directly towards providing a good life for the current (and future) resident cats; their lives are protected and ensured in what Palmetto Animal league refers to as “one of the coolest foster homes ever.” Purrvana works with PAL to determine which cats would thrive most in their social environment and, in turn, Palmetto is able to free up some space to take in more rescues.  



    Make a reservation for an exclusive, 55-minute session with their furry friends or walk in anytime for great food, artisan coffee, and some quality time with friendly cats who love visitors.