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Savannah Historic District
Savannah Historic District/ Riverfront
Savannah Historic District
Savannah Historic District

Savannah is widely considered one of America’s most haunted cities. Battles of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, deadly fires, mysterious murders, and disease have all contributed to this city’s superstitious sentiment. Throughout Savannah, you’ll find historic squares, once used for public executions, built atop ancient burial grounds. You’ll also find mausoleums and gravesites in cemeteries and old graveyards, scattered around the city.

Colonial Park Cemetery

 Colonial Park Cemetery is one of the most beautiful places to walk through during the day. At night, however, it’s a completely different story. These gravesites hold some of the earliest residents of Savannah. The once hallowed ground became haunted when the small church graveyard made room for more than 700 victims of yellow fever and hundreds more who died in some of the earliest known duels in America. By the time of the Civil War, the cemetery was closed to burials, but that didn’t stop Union soldiers from setting up camp. Though none are buried here, many died around the cemetery grounds. Some say their spirits remain today, making Colonial Park Cemetery a popular stop for many nightly ghost tours.

 Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

Savannah has a conflicted, but interesting past. The city shares its history with tourists on nearly 50 different ghost tours. One of the more famous tours, Ghosts and Gravestones, takes visitors through Savannah to several of the city’s most haunted places, including many haunted gravesites. On Lafayette Square, you’ll see the Andrew Low House, meant to be the dream home to Savannah’s wealthiest family, but when Low’s wife and young son died unexpectedly, it became more of a nightmare home. On the tour, you’ll also hear supernatural tales of River Street from pirates and scallywags alike at Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery. This ship wares and goods shop is your chance to step into the boots of sailors and get a glimpse of the historic gear and trappings used aboard ships that moored the Savannah coast centuries ago.

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Grave Encounters Tour Old Savannah Trolleys

For a night of scares, try this tour of Savannah, featuring stories of mischief, miscreants, and murder. Tortured souls of centuries past will visit you in a fiendish fashion when you pass by the ominous graveyards of downtown. You’ll jump out of your seat for a tour of the Sorrel Weed House, a home known for its paranormal activity. People claim to see shadows and figures, and even hear voices of disembodied spirits taunting guests with the stories of their untimely and unfortunate deaths. You’ll also hear tales of spirits of the sea as you enjoy your last meal in the Pirate’s House, followed by a haunting tour of the rum cellar. Though you may struggle to sleep after this tour, you’re sure to have a frightfully good time.

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The Escape Company

If fear is a good motivator, then your group should try one of Savannah’s favorite escape rooms. If you’re new to this genre of entertainment, it’s a lot of puzzles, riddles, and clue-solving. These rooms are designed to keep you trapped, but if you can escape before time runs out, the reward is your life (and maybe some bragging rights). The Escape Company features “Suburban Serial Killer”, a murder mystery that gives you the chance to pick up where others have failed and gone missing. Alternatively, try to survive “A Night in Greyside Manor”, an exploration of how a family met its grisly fate. Will you succeed before the night is over?

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