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    Cup o’ Joe. Java. Brew. Bean Juice. Morning Jolt. Cuppa. No matter what you call it, for many of us, the day doesn’t begin before we finish our first cup of coffee. So many people love their daily cuppa so much, coffee is the second most-traded commodity after oil. (Woah!)

    We all have our favorite spots where they make our cup just the way we like it, but finding the perfect cup can be a hassle when you’re traveling. Never fear! In Savannah, we love our coffee as much as we love our boozy breakfasts and to-go cups. Here are a couple of our favorite (coffee) watering holes around town.


    Since 2010, Perc has been brewing some of the best coffee around town. They’ve become so synonymous with good coffee it’s hard to image that in 2010 Perc owner and roaster Phillip Brown was looking for his first account. Now Perc is brewed and sold in local restaurants and cafes all over town, including Foxy Loxy Café, Café M, Jepson Museum of the Arts, and even by the bag in Whole Foods.

    “I feel a lot of ownership and I think it’s a really intimate thing that another small business is willing to sell our coffee,” says Brown.

    Perc has 11 different roasts, not including specialty blends made for local wholesalers, so it’s entirely possible to never drink the same cup of Perc coffee twice during your stay. True coffee aficionados will enjoy visiting their Shop at Perc, where you enjoy their “carefully curated menu of pour-overs, espresso, and milky drinks too.” They also host a free public cupping on Saturdays at 1 p.m. that allows you to experience coffee they way the experts do.

    Foundery Coffee Pub

    It may seem ironic to name a coffee shop a “pub,” but the Foundery Coffee Pub is based around the idea of a pub serving as the center of community life. Serving locally roasted coffee instead of alcohol, The Foundery is a non-profit business that’s sources fund and volunteers from the neighborhood and beyond.  This creative hub has become a mecca for SCAD students (partly due to the close proximity to Anderson Hall), NaNoWriMos, and artists alike.

    Savannah Coffee Roasters

    First established by Edgar R. Morrison on Bay Street in 1909, Savannah Coffee Roasters has been brewing coffee for more than 100 years. With all that brewing experience, it’s no wonder that they serve up one of the best cups o’ joe in town.

    When Clint Eastwood was in town filing Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, he met with Brewmaster Hayden Banks and together they created a special coffee to celebrate the adaptation of the book. This delicious blend – Good and Evil Coffee – comprises a mix of the best Arabica beans from South America and regional Asia and Africa beans. It’s a secret blend, but well worth a stop for a cup or two.

    With a full brunch and lunch menu, make sure you visit hungry. They also offer a High Tea, which you can sign up for on their website, and are host to The Odd Lot Improv Team’s Friday Night Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.

    Henny Penny Art Space & Café

    Traveling with little ones can be difficult even under the best circumstances, but when you can’t find a delicious cup of java to keep you going through the day, it may seem impossible. Never fear! Foxy Loxy Cafe and Scribble Art Studio combined their forces to create the Henny Penny Art Space & Café, a family friendly café that serves up pastries and craft coffee while providing a space to do crafts with your little ones!

    Just blocks from Forsyth Park, Henny Penny provides custom designed arts and crafts kits for all ages, an open studio, workshops, classes, and they’re even available for booking parties. They frequently partner with local businesses like Pie Society and Leopold’s Ice Cream to create flavorful experiences that will spark your creativity and fill your bellies with delicious treats.

    Foxy Loxy Family

    Foxy Loxy Café & The Coffee Fox

    No Savannah coffee list would be complete without Foxy Loxy Café. Equal parts coffee shop, bakery, and Tex-Mex cantina, they’re the only place in town where you can pair tacos with coffee. Our favorite treat is the Kolache, a slightly sweet pastry filled with sausage, cheese, or fruit. Foxy has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, so you’re bound to find a nook that suits you. A popular spot, you’ll see many people nestle in to get some work done and collaborate on projects. Foxy is also host to an array of events, including wine nights, live music, and artist receptions.

    Across town you’ll find their sister location, The Coffee Fox, on Broughton Street. With limited seating, the Fox is a great spot to pop in and out of for coffee while you shop and tour downtown.