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Scrumptious Savannah breakfast cafés, chic brunch hotspots, and locally­-sourced, all-natural dinner selections…yum! Experience intimate and remarkable dining options at any of these cafés in Savannah.

Soho South Café

The Soho South Café is truly a “Ladies” café. From the ‘shabby chic’ décor, crafty artwork, multiple fabric usages, dainty chandeliers, and girly-girl gifts that range from purses, hats, jewelry, artwork, and more — it is hard to believe you are actually in a restaurant that serves tasty food as well. The Soho South Café is for women what a general sports bar is for men. The Soho is light, airy, cheerful, and eclectic, and their menu is to match. Their lunch menu consists of items such as wonderful soups, quiches, ‘lady-like’ salads, and creative sandwiches such as Ham, Brie & apple baguette, grilled salmon BLT, and grilled tuna wasabi. A must for any girl’s trip!