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Fine Dining in Savannah, GA

5-Star Fine Dining in the Savannah Historic District

Savannah features many award­-winning fine dining establishments that offer everything from traditional Southern dishes to unique and elegant meal selections. Many of our best restaurants have inhabited the same historic building for over a century, giving visitors yet another window into Savannah’s rich history.

Alligator Soul

Recognized among the best Savannah restaurants, Alligator Soul was founded in 2003 by Chef Hilary and Maureen Craig and quickly became known as a romantic and elegant downtown dining destination. Alligator Soul has become a cozy respite, a place to unwind or to celebrate. Cozy and inviting, hearty and flavorful, elegant and sophisticated – these are all words to define Alligator Soul – and they are all reasons to step off of the beaten path for an exceptional dining experience.