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Savannah Historic District
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Savannah is home to plenty of museums that provide several opportunities to learn about the city’s history.

No trip to the Hostess City is complete without paying a visit to these top 10 institutions.

Telfair Academy

The Telfair mansion was built in 1819 and currently contains three nineteenth-century period rooms to tour, as well as multiple art galleries. The museum features American and European art from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including paintings, original furnishings, decorative arts, and sculpture. It’s also home to Savannah’s Bird Girl statue, famously featured in the well-known novel and film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Jepson Center for the Arts

With an emphasis on contemporary art and education, the Jepson Center offers art and activities to interest all age groups. TechSpace features a long-term exhibition of digital art, including interactive art installations. ArtZeum is another interactive space that challenges children and adults to consider how we make and view art. Here you’ll find puzzles, architectural blocks, and magnetic tiles for kids to build, curate, and learn. The Jepson Center also offers many traveling exhibitions and installations, including sculpture, painting, video art, textiles, and more.

Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters

This 1819 mansion was built in the Regency style and includes a carriage house and gardens, as well as a two-story space in the north half of the building that originally housed nine to 15 enslaved people, and later housed servants. Guided tours of the mansion’s public and private spaces, including a butler’s pantry and working cellar level, allow visitors to explore the relationship and harsh disparity between Savannah’s upper and lower classes in the 19th century.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Housed in the elegant 1819 Scarbrough House, this museum features nine galleries displaying ship models, maritime paintings, and artifacts. Originally owned by shipping merchant and president of the Savannah Steamship Company, William Scarbrough, the building was restored in 1997 and is home to the largest private gardens in Savannah’s Historic District. The collection includes a model of the steamship Savannah which was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

Davenport House Museum

This historic home was built in 1820 by Isaiah Davenport and is one of the oldest brick structures in the city. Come tour the 6800 square foot urban dwelling, or plan a special event in the beautiful adjacent gardens. In addition to daily tours, the museum offers annual events including Tea in the Garden, Summer Supper, and candlelit Holiday Evening Tours, among others.

Georgia State Railroad Museum

The Georgia State Railroad Museum is a National Historic Landmark, offering visitors the opportunity to explore historic railcars and machinery and experience the fully operational turntable. Check out the train ride schedule to hop aboard a site tour by train! The museum also hosts group tours, field trips, and birthday parties.

SCAD Museum of Art

The SCAD Museum of Art features contemporary art from international artists. Offering 72 classes each week, the museum works to enrich the education offered at Savannah College of Art and Design with creative programs, film screenings, and lectures. SCAD student docents offer tours every Saturday morning. Current exhibitions include photography from the Karl Lagerfeld collection, whimsical sculptures by Berta Fischer, and Alex Gardner’s “Guest Room” paintings, among many others.

American Prohibition Museum

The American Prohibition Museum is not your average museum. With interactive, selfie-approved exhibits and an on-site speakeasy, it’s never been more fun to learn about the Temperance Movement! Check out the moonshine exhibit where you’ll learn how to make your own “white lightning,” or learn to dance the Charleston while you peruse authentic flapper costumes. View an authentic 1921 Model T on display and then head to Congress Street Up for a classic 1920s cocktail.

Savannah Children’s Museum

If you’re traveling to Savannah with kids, the Savannah Children’s Museum is the perfect place to learn and play. With over a dozen exhibits entirely located outdoors, including a maze, sensory garden, and reading nook, this museum encourages exploration and imagination ideal for children and families. Plan your visit in advance and print out activity sheets on their website to enhance your museum experience.

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Learn about the Eighth Air Force from World War II to the present at this patriotic museum. Exhibits include a Combat Gallery with original aircraft, engines, and scale models, Mission Experience featuring a 90 ft. painted mural, and Airmen Down which includes a recreated safe house and POW camp. Visit the Chapel of the Fallen Eagles, the Memorial Garden, and the museum’s traditional English Pub.

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Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

On any given summer day when the Savannah Bananas are playing at home in Grayson Stadium, there is a very high probability that you’ll find every seat in the ballpark is filled. Simply put, since the Bananas officially became the local team back in 2016, they have captivated Savannahians, and it’s in large part due to a charismatic owner who isn’t afraid of trying new things on the marketing front.

To grasp why the Bananas are as popular as they are, it’s important to understand the storied history of baseball in the Hostess City.

Historic Grayson Stadium was constructed April of 1926 and was originally known as Municipal Stadium. Back then, it was the home to the Savannah Indians minor league team. Municipal Stadium became Grayson Stadium in 1941 after a hurricane destroyed the ball park a year before. It was named for William Grayson, a Savannah alderman and Spanish-American War veteran who spearheaded the effort to get the stadium rebuilt.

In 1955, Grayson Stadium’s home team became known as the Savannah Athletics. This lasted just a season as the franchise turned into the Redlegs in 1956 and kept the name for three years. In 1960 the team became the Pirates; in 1962 they were the White Sox for six years; the Senators in 1968; the Indians again in 1970, and then the Braves in 1971.

The Savannah Braves were affiliated with the Atlanta Braves in the major leagues, and that remained the case until the team was moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 1983. From there, Savannah’s team became the Cardinals in 1984 and were affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals in the major leagues until 1995. Then, they became what most Savannahians may refer to them as: the Sand Gnats.

The Savannah Sand Gnats became affiliated with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1996, following the name change from Cardinals. The minor league team would end up staying in Savannah until 2015. During that stretch, they were affiliated with several major league teams: the aforementioned St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers, as well as the Texas Rangers, Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, and lastly, the New York Mets in the final nine seasons of the minor league team’s existence.

The Sand Gnats’ final season came in 2015 when the owner opted to move the team to Columbia, where they became known as the Fireflies. While the team’s move seemed to signal an end to longstanding Savannah tradition, it was instead the start of a new era of baseball in the city.

Fans First Entertainment and owner Jesse Cole opened the suggestion box for Savannah’s new team to the public. The Bananas came out on top of a group that included four other finalists: Anchors, Party animals, Ports, and Seagulls. The name selection went viral, and there was no looking back for the new team.

The Bananas came out the gate swinging, winning the Coastal Plain League championship in its inaugural season. It helps interest when the team is good, but what goes on outside of the strike zone matters just as much.

What Fans First Entertainment does is clear in their name: they put the fans first. Bananas games are more than just spectacles; there are several opportunities throughout for fans to particulate in a variety of events. It’s about making the game more than just a game, and this comes from Jesse’s willingness to take chances, challenge expectations, and take any and every avenue to give fans a great experience.

During your summer stay in Savannah, you owe it to yourself to attend a Bananas game. The challenge, however, comes in finding tickets to games as they are usually sold out.

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

It should come as no surprise that Savannah serves as one of the more popular destinations in the Southeast for family reunions. Savannah, established in 1733, is the oldest city in the state of Georgia, which means there is a rich, detailed history to discover. Add the city’s charming setting, classic Southern hospitality, and its numerous options for family-friendly outings – including museums and restaurants – and you’ve got the perfect backdrop to host a family reunion.

What makes Savannah such a uniquely good place is the sheer volume of activities made available for the entire family. There’s the opportunity to learn about the city’s past through its many historical sites and museums, such as Fort Pulaski, the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, and the Savannah History Museum. Another way to soak in Savannah’s culture is through one of the many well-informed tour guides. Hop aboard the city’s only locally owned and operated tour company in Old Savannah Tours, opt for a classic tour on foot with Savannah Dan, or take a ride on the Savannah River with live entertainment and dinner courtesy of Savannah Riverboat Cruises.

Experiencing Savannah’s food offerings is just as important – and just as satisfying – as learning about its history and culture. Restaurants that are tailored to take on reunion groups abound in the Hostess City, such as The Pirates’ House, a Savannah staple that serves up Southern eats in a pirate-themed inn that is considered to be the oldest house in Georgia. There’s also The Lady & Sons, Paula Deen’s famous restaurant that offers a Southern buffet. Another option is The Crab Shack on Tybee Island, which dishes out some of the best seafood that the area has to offer. The restaurant is outdoor and overlooks a creek and also has a distinct feature: a gator lagoon that allows for visitors to feed alligators, which is sure to intrigue at least a few members of the family reunion group.

Savannah boasts an ever-growing art scene for the family reunion that wants to go that route. The Jepson Center for the Arts is part of the Telfair Museums’ three buildings and features modern paintings and exhibits, along with an interactive gallery for children. There’s also the chance to enjoy musicals and a variety of shows that include comedians, dancers, live bands, and singers at the Savannah Theatre and the Lucas Theatre for the Arts.

One of our preferred hotels, the Fairfield Inn & Suites Savannah Midtown, has proven to be a well-liked lodging spot for family reunions. The Fairfield Inn & Suites Savannah Midtown, which is conveniently located just four miles from Savannah’s famed Historic District, was built in 2016 and features modern amenities and perks such as complimentary hot breakfast and Wi-Fi. The hotel’s location is also favorable to two of Savannah’s major parks: Lake Mayer Community Park and Daffin Park, both which feature plenty of outdoor space for family reunions.

The Fairfield Inn & Suites Savannah Midtown also has its own area that can be rented out – a perfect option for getting the family reunion together in one space to meet and greet.

What are you waiting for? Book your family reunion stay in Savannah today!

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

It’s no secret that the film industry is huge in Georgia. Tax incentives and high production costs in Hollywood have moved many studios and set locations to the Southeast, and it’s no coincidence that a frequent choice is Savannah. Even if you are familiar with a few of the most popular films in Savannah, you may not know that film is actually a huge part of the local economy. At any given point, there are likely several movies in production in Savannah. Let’s take a look at some of the places that have made Savannah the iconic location for film that it is today.

The Mercer-Williams House
Formerly known as the Mercer House, the Mercer-Williams House takes its name for the real-life events that transpired following the murder of the homeowner, Danny Lewis Hansford. Jim Williams, the only person in the state of Georgia to be tried four times for the same crime, was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the film, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, which used the Mercer-Williams House and the Bonaventure Cemetery for many scenes. The Mercer-Williams House was also featured in the 1989 Oscar-winning film, “Glory” featuring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick.

Chippewa Square

There are few sets as iconic as the bus stop bench in Forrest Gump. Greenbow, Alabama isn’t a real place. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but you’ve had 25 years. The famous bus stop bench from the motion picture classic is set in front of Chippewa Square, one of Savannah’s most celebrated and historic squares. If you’re expecting to sit with your box of chocolates, you’ll to have to visit the Savannah History Museum to see the real bench. Though you won’t find the actual bench in Chippewa Square, you can still go there and recreate it for yourself.

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Tybee Island Wedding Chapel
“The Last Song”, featuring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, is a film adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel and was partially set in a chapel that was constructed specifically for the movie. This beautiful setting has become a permanent fixture on Tybee Island and you can visit most days of the week. The chapel is also frequently used as a popular wedding venue, so if you feel like walking down the aisle in Savannah, it would be a great place to start your search.

There are so many ways to enjoy Savannah on and off-screen. What are you waiting for? Stop looking at this screen. Book your stay in Savannah today!

Six Pence Pub

The popular 90’s movie “Something to Talk About”, starring Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid and Robert Duvall tells the story of a husband and wife in a struggling relationship. This classic English pub is frequented by people looking to relive the pivotal scene where Roberts’ character discovers that her relationship is in trouble. Visitors also flock to the pub to see the London-style phone booth, just outside.

Lucas Theatre for the Arts

It’s likely that if you’re walking around downtown Savannah, you’re walking across what was or is currently a set for movies or television shows. Broughton Street is one of those places, used for so many sets that it’s hard to count. But more significant to film is the Lucas Theatre for the Arts, a historical and cherished piece of Savannah located on Abercorn Street, just off Broughton. After being completely revived to its original glory, the Lucas Theatre now features a wide range of classic and modern film.

Movie Tours, Film Festivals and More
If you really want to get a taste of the Savannah film scene, you can take a Movie Tour of Savannah’s Historic District. See many of the locations mentioned above on a 1.5-hour guided tour, offering a look into many famous films, including “Forrest Gump”, “The General’s Daughter”, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “Something to Talk About” (among many others).

Savannah is also home to many film festivals such as the SCAD Film Festival, which has been a staple event of the Savannah College of Art and Design for over 20 years. It has proven to be one of the country’s most engaging showcases, showing off both independent and student film.

Don’t miss out on all the action in Savannah. Book your stay today – and don’t forget your camera!

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

When I was a kid on family vacation, the ultimate “get” for a souvenir was usually a T-shirt. Nothing against T-shirts. Admittedly, even now as a full-fledged adult, I’ll buy a souvenir T-shirt from time to time. Lately, however, when I’m visiting someplace new, my retail focus has shifted to something else. Something special. Something that has a story attached to it. A uniqueness that is wonderfully tied to my getaway spot. And when I find it, I treasure it, knowing it will be my own little piece of happy long after that T-shirt can no longer be worn in public. Lucky for you, when you visit historic Savannah, you’re right in the thick of an artisan hub like no other where uniqueness abounds and we’d like to share just a few ideas with you to make sure you take home your own piece of happy, too.

There’s something about leather. It’s timeless. The more it weathers and ages, the better it gets. Just ask the Satchelettes at Savannah’s own handmade leather goods store, Satchel. The key word there being “handmade” and trust me – this is the real deal. I’ve been to their sewing space in downtown Savannah – exposed brick, canvas aprons, piles and piles of leather scraps, and smiling artisans happily sewing what could be your very own prized keepsake.

Founded in 2006 by Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Elizabeth Seeger Jolly, the Satchel boutique at 4 East Liberty Street is a beautiful spot to browse freshly handmade leather creations or even collaborate with a Satchelette to customize your very own bag! But if you’re looking for a foolproof find, Katherine Dagen, head of customer relations, recommends one of Satchel’s reversible leather cuffs: “With two bracelets in one you can rock one side with jeans and a T-shirt and then wear the other side with a great dress.” And if you can’t choose just one, go ahead and get a few – you won’t regret it!

Leather bracelets may be unique to Satchel, but you’ll discover bracelets, earrings, necklaces – jewelry collections of every kind – when you step into Zia Couture Jewelry at 325 West Broughton Street. At the young age of 24, Zia Sachedina opened his store in 2005 and has since created countless jewelry pieces and chic collections, all influenced by his diverse, multicultural upbringing and extensive travels throughout the world. One step into his boutique and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Pieces as unique as the customers who love them, owning one of Zia’s designs beautifully embodies the idea of travel while reminding you of your one-of-a-kind Savannah experience.

I’ve never been one to turn down leather or jewelry (who does?) but lately, my vacation souvenir obsession has become candles! The scents from a destination are like an old song that can take you back again and again. For the perfectly scented memory of your stay in Savannah, you’ll want to seek out Salt & Shore Company. Founded in 2016 by Lowcountry native Mandy Mathis, even the names of Salt and Shore candles conjure up fancies of the South like “Midnight Oaks” and “Salty Kisses.” There’s even a “splendid Savannah” candle sure to transport you back to the hostess city with every flicker of the flame. Visit their website for a list of local Savannah retailers or buy online to tap in to your vacation memories any time you choose.

Let’s continue our scent-ilating journey with a stop at Nourish, located at 202 Broughton Street. Every salt scrub, soap, bath fizzy, essential oil and more that you see is all handmade right here in Savannah from the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. “Our bar soaps are a crowd pleaser,” said owner Shoshanna Walker. “The soaps are how we got famous and continue to be a favorite with their natural base of skin moisturizing oil in a variety of scents.” And just think, every time you use your Nourish products at home it’s like being back in Savannah – plus you’ll smell amazing and your skin might just say, “ahhhh” – that’s one amazing souvenir!

What if you could find one spot in downtown that showcased art, jewelry, sculpture and more, all handcrafted by some of Savannah’s most prominent and favorite artists? You can! Just stop by Kobo Gallery at 33 Barnard Street. This award-winning artists’ cooperative has been showcasing some of Savannah’s most unique creations for more than 11 years and offers you an inviting, relaxing space to find the piece that’s as unique as your stay.

Just as Kobo Gallery bring talents of many artists into one brick-and-mortar location, Make Savannah brings together a diverse collection of unique creativity into one online source! It is self-described as a curated collection of inspirational brands and the people behind them that make Savannah distinctly special. Without a doubt, Make Savannah is all about keeping it local and encouraging a creative entrepreneurial spirit from the city’s many “Makers” as they’re known on the site. Among some of the featured Makers you’ll find endless delights from Salacia Salts, founded by Savannahian Cari Phelps. With its environmentally responsible ingredients and packaging, Salacia Salts offers natural skin care products inspired by native Southern botanicals and the spirit of the sea (and I hear once you try their ‘kiss my grits’ lip scrub, you’ll be hooked!). You can browse all of Salacia Salts’ products online or at its downtown Savannah studio located at 208 West Hall Street.

Another featured Maker is Colas Modern, innovators of handcrafted furniture and home goods. Founded by David and Lara Colas, each piece is made from materials sourced locally with custom finishes applied by hand. Talk about unique! From a beautifully simplistic end table to a tuxedo-influenced cutting board, you’ll want to browse Colas Modern. In addition to its online store, Make Savannah also hosts various events throughout the year where you can meet the makers while browsing their many creative wares. Check the Make Savannah website and Facebook page for up-to-date details.

Take home one or all! Whatever keepsake you choose, you’ll have a beautiful memory of your stay in Savannah when you shop these inspired products – all uniquely handcrafted in Savannah. Have fun!

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Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

We know all good bachelorette parties include an amazing location, your besties, a little pampering and a whole lot of fun, so pull up your calendar to start planning your ultimate Savannah Bachelorette Party!

Location, location, location!

There are a lot of options when visiting Savannah, but our insider’s recommendation for THE BEST place to stay for a bachelorette party is the Homewood Suites by Hilton Historic District Riverfront. What makes this location our #1 pick? Access to everything, the suites, and the amenities! Conveniently located on the east end of River Street, you can walk everywhere in downtown Savannah. This suites-only hotel features full kitchens, and the double queen rooms can comfortably accommodate six guests per room. This unique Homewood Suites features Savannah’s ONLY guest-only rooftop bar (rtb!) which has live music every night, a heated pool, cabanas, a firepit and the best view of the Savannah River and downtown Savannah. Complimentary hot breakfast is included every morning and complimentary happy hour is offered Monday – Thursday from 5-6 p.m.

If you book the Bachelorette Package, your stay will also include these fantastic amenities with your stay:

Enjoy a spa day at Spa Bleu!

For parties looking for a little (or, let’s be serious, A LOT) of pampering, Spa Bleu is our go-to for all things spa related. Nestled in the heart of historic Savannah, Spa Bleu welcomes you with elegance and hospitality featuring pure, all-natural ingredients. A touch of the exotic combined with a variety of European and traditional, organic spa treatments will refine your experience of true ‘bleu’ southern comfort. Included with your package is a 15% discount for bachelorette parties (4+ girls) and complimentary champagne during your treatments. If you’re looking for a facial, massage, pedicure or all of the above, Spa Bleu will pamper you and your party from head to toe. Make your reservations today!

Brunch at B. Matthew’s or East End Provisions

Bachelorette brunch is the perfect way to recoup and recover from an evening out in Savannah, and we recommend sister restaurants B. Matthew’s and East End Provisions. Both are walking distance from the Homewood Suites and included in the bachelorette package is a coupon for a complimentary carafe of mimosas! (Limit 1 carafe for every 5 guests, 1/2 carafe for 3 guests or less. All members of party must have valid ID to be able to drink. No substitutions, only valid during your stay at Homewood Suites, cannot be combined with other offers.) Make your reservations today!

B. Matthew’s: Brunch served on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and on Sundays from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

East End Provisions: Brunch served on Sundays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Reservations taken for groups of all sizes, when available. Please call restaurant to book.

Make it memorable!

To make your bachelorette party memorable, we recommend trying one of these authentic Savannah experiences:

Savannah Slow Ride

No bachelorette party in Savannah is complete without a 15-person bicycle tour, courtesy of Savannah Slow Ride. Ride around the Hostess City’s many distinctive squares while indulging in libations and singing at the top of your lungs.

Escape Savannah
An escape room is a unique experience for any bachelorette party, and Escape Savannah is exactly what you’re looking for. The members of your party will have to combine their skills and wits as you work together to escape in the allotted time by solving riddles and puzzles.

AR Workshop Savannah
AR Workshop Savannah bills itself as a boutique do-it-yourself studio that offers hands-on classes for creating custom home décor from raw materials, making it a perfect adventure for bachelorette parties. Groups can opt for core classes that include canvas, wood, and knit projects.

Salacia Salts
If a woodworking workshop isn’t your cup of tea, then Salacia Salts offers another unique Savannah experience for your bachelorette party. At a Salaicia Salts workshop, you will both design and hand mix your own scrub, including selecting scents and exfoliants. In the end, you’ll walk away with your own jar of body scrub.

American Prohibition Museum
Travel back to the early 1900s – a time in which possession or consumption of alcohol was a crime – to the American Prohibition Museum, the first and only prohibition museum in the United States. As part of the experience, you’ll whisper a given password at the door, and then enter the speakeasy to enjoy drinks from the time period.

In Vino Veritas
In Vino Veritas, a Latin phrase that translates to “in wine lies the truth,” offers over 40 by-the-glass wine options. The Savannah wine bar also serves up small plates and craft beer, ensuring that any bachelorette party will find something they will enjoy.

Savannah Smiles
It doesn’t get more uniquely Savannah than a dueling piano bar. Savannah Smiles is high-spirited late-night saloon that allows the audience to pick the songs. It’s undoubtedly one of the best types of parties that the Hostess City has to offer.

Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah
What better way to further bond as a group that with yoga? Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah provides the perfect opportunity to feel empowered with various yoga workshops. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner – the studio’s website has plenty of information to get you up to speed.

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

There’s more than meets the eye to the Girl Scouts than just courageous, confident girls, bright green sashes and irresistible cookies. Their recipe for success was made back in 1912 by Savannah’s own Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low. Juliette would be proud knowing you were guided by us at Stay in Savannah. We know our way around town, directing you from landmark to landmark without wasting your troop’s time. You’ll find tips for your trip, itineraries and the best places to stay here.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

The centerpiece to the Juliette Gordon Low Historic District and known more commonly as “The Birthplace” was home to Juliette Gordon Low, including four generations of Gordons dating back to 1831. The Birthplace celebrates Juliette’s belief in the potential of every girl and the remarkable, global Girl Scout Movement she founded. When you visit, you’ll be received by guides to help you tour the home, where you’ll learn about Juliette and the Girl Scouts. You’ll get to see the exceptional interior architecture, pieces of art created by Juliette herself and browse the garden and courtyard after the tour inside. The Birthplace was deemed a National Historic Landmark in 1965 and the first in the city of Savannah.

Girl Scout First Headquarters

Named a National Historic Landmark in 1965 with The Birthplace, the former carriage house for the Andrew Low House was the first headquarters of the Girls Scouts. Willed to the Girl Scouts of Savannah after her death in 1927, the building has served the Girl Scouts longer than any other building in the nation and was the only building left by Juliette to the Girl Scouts. Troop activities, adult training and administrative offices were housed inside until 1985 when the Girl Scouts USA Council was moved to its new office, just down the road. In January of 1996, the Headquarters reopened to the public as a museum, program center, and shop, offering exciting, interactive educational experiences for Girl Scouts.

Andrew Low House

The third building making up the Juliette Gordon Low Historic District is the Andrew Low House. Housing Juliette’s husband, William Mackay Low, as a child, the home was built in 1848 by New York architect John Norris whose Italianate architecture style was revered within Savannah. The home remained in the family until Juliette’s passing in 1927. In 1928, the National Society of The Colonial Dames of American in the State of Georgia purchased the home for maintenance and conservation. The Andrew Low House was reopened to the public in 1950 and shows off the impact the Low family had on Savannah.

Savannah Belles Ferry

Juliette Gordon Low had an incredible amount of influence on shaping girls in America. So, in 1999, Savannah renamed their ferry the Savannah Belles Ferry after her and three other impactful women. This ferry connects Downtown Savannah with Hutchinson Island and the Savannah Convention Center. The ferry runs seven days a week from 7:00 AM to midnight.

It’s clear Juliette Gordon Low’s impact on Savannah was one that’s helped shape the city to what it is today. There’s no reason to wait, so bring your troop and share the history – and maybe some cookies – together. Book your stay now!

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

Some of our best childhood memories are made on vacation. From that funny nonsense thing someone said that made everyone laugh so hard they cried to the photos that say much more than 1,000 words, getting away from our day-to-day routines gives us the freedom to actually enjoy each other for a little while. So if you’re in need of some quality time but you’re short on paid-vacation time, a weekend with the kids in Savannah is exactly what you need. What will you do? Let’s just dive right in.

Consider this your à la carte reference guide to pick and choose what excites you and your kiddos the most. You could try to fit it all in to one weekend, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, experience some this trip and leave some for the next (‘cause you’re gonna want to come back, I promise). In fact, one entire day could be spent exploring the city with an on-off trolley tour care of Old Savannah Tours. When they say “we bring Savannah’s history to life” they mean it as realistic looking and acting characters periodically join your tour so you can hear “first-hand” (so to speak) from the historical figures themselves.

This tour is perfect for kids thanks to the characters who infuse some excitement into the ride and the option to get off and explore and hop back on to the next stop as you please. Kids ages 5 and under ride for free and those ages 6-12 receive a special child’s rate. If it’s your first time in Savannah, I highly recommend making this a top priority to help you get a lay of the land and figure out what you want to do next – without asking for directions.

Speaking of next, let’s talk museums. There are multiple options for museums in Savannah but for the younger crowd, three stand out as top picks: The Savannah Children’s Museum and Georgia State Railroad Museum (all in one location); the Jepson Center for the Arts; and the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.

If you love the outdoors, the Savannah Children’s Museum is all outside and filled with more than a dozen exhibits designed for imaginative play. It’s located downtown in the old Central of Georgia Railway Carpentry Shop and mere steps from the Georgia State Railroad Museum, where you can explore historic railcars and even ride an historic steam or diesel locomotive!

Also located downtown is the Jepson Center for the Arts on Telfair Square. The architecture of this stunning building will impress even the littlest of tourists but inside, the Jepson’s ArtZeum invites children to “rethink their ideas about art” with two opportunities to actually walk into the art on display.

Just a short drive from downtown is the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force with full-size aircraft to see up close and exhibits that help visitors recreate what the brave members of the Mighty Eighth faced in World War II. As educational as it is exhilarating, this is one experience young visitors won’t soon forget.

If you’re ready to explore our coastal ecosystems, Savannah also has plenty of opportunities – and amazing weather – to do just that. For your little nature lover, be sure to visit the University of Georgia’s Marine Education Center and Aquarium on nearby Skidaway Island all about our coastal waters and marshlands. There’s also the Oatland Island Wildlife Center, a favorite among kids and grownups alike with animal exhibits, walking trails, and special events throughout the year (check their Facebook page and website for updated information).

Who wants a boat ride? Savannah’s coastal location makes it ideal for having some fun on the water. Of course, nearby Tybee Island is Georgia’s authentic beach town and a great spot to laze away the afternoon. You could also reserve your spot on a dolphin tour with Dolphin Magic Tours to get out on the water and see these elegant acrobatic wonders up close and in their natural habitats. If a bigger boat is more your size, Savannah River Boat Cruises is just for you. With its larger-than-life paddle wheel and outside decks to take in the sights and salt air, you can book a narrated cruise that boards at River Street and takes you down the Savannah River and even past Old Fort Jackson for an added bonus (plus kids 4 and under ride free!).

Then there’s the beauty of Forsyth Park – complete with a fantastic playground! The jumping, shooting, oh-so-fun fountains to play in at Ellis Square near City Market! And who doesn’t love a pedicab; only the coolest way for a kid to ride from the hotel to dinner (cue the memories).

Let’s just say, if you thought you might run out of things to do on a weekend with the kids in Savannah, we assure you, you won’t! Unexpected adventures are yours to enjoy at every turn – the most unexpected of all is you throwing caution and routines to the wind and allowing yourself to be a kid again.

Ready to book your stay in Savannah and have some fun?

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

Savannah’s art scene has steadily grown over the years, aided by a welcoming community that makes it simple for artists to put their work on display. Beginning at 4 p.m. three days a week – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – a local artist is featured at the DoubleTree Savannah Historic District, while another sets up shop at the Homewood Suites Savannah Historic District/Riverfront.

Each artist has their own style, specialty, and unique background that is made apparent through their work. Here’s a look at a few of the creators.

Kala Peper
Kala is a Tybee Island-based artist who, by her own admission, “accidentally” discovered how much she loved making jewelry when she and a friend who worked in the same office took a class atthe local arts and crafts store. Powered by a strong desire to get better at creating jewelry, what started off as a hobby eventually evolved into a means of livelihood.

One of Kala’s driving forces is the fact her jewelry is enjoyed – and portable. “I love that my jewelry travels with people,” she said. “And it can be passed on to future generations.”For any aspiring artists, Kala does have this advice: “There’s a difference between making art and making art marketable,” she said. “The latter is a whole different beast.”


C.O. Brown
C.O. initially tried woodcarving when he retired back in 2002, and carved decorative duck decoys, shorebirds, and fish. It wasn’t until 2012 that C.O. tried acrylic painting on canvas – a move that seemed to be in the making for a while: “I always enjoyed painting my carvings more than the actual woodcarving process,” he admitted.

His first painting – completed in May of 2012 – is a 24×48’’ canvas of 15 historical scenes of Savannah. It currently hangs over his fireplace and “it is not for sale,” but prints are available. His current work features landmarks from the historic district in Savannah and scenes of coastal life from Tybee Island. C.O. has been featured in Chatham County Living Magazine.


Joe and Nona Delgado
Joe and Nona are, in their own right, two separate artists, but they work together as a team that specializes in leathercrafting.

“I think it’s so elegant to make useful items out of top grain leather,” said Joe. “I love to see someone wear one of our items.”

Nona agreed. “I love the look, feel, and smell of leather,” she added.

Some of their leather creations have inspirational inscriptions that, for Nona, is a matter of wanting to “make a difference in someone’s life, even if it is as small as something they wear or use. For Joe, those inscriptions are a matter of “sharing things that matter to me with the world.”


Jessica Anderson
Jessica graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University (now Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art with a concentration in jewelry and ceramics. Her bead store, Epiphany Bead and Jewelry Studio, has been open for six years.

Jessica cited the beads and stones themselves as the biggest influences for her work. “I love designing with new beads and stones as well as with found objects from in the Lowcountry,” she said. “My style is very natural and earthy, and I like incorporating things such as sharks’ teeth, shells, and deer antlers into my pieces.”


The aforementioned aren’t the only artists you’ll come across in the lobbies of the DoubleTree and Homewood Suites. There’s David and Natalisa Strickland, a couple of beekeepers who also create stained glass artwork as the aptly named Tybee Island Hives. Donna Clark is unique in that she’s the only artist whose painting medium is watercolor. Or you may run into Tiffany O’Brien, who has a unique style you’d be hard-pressed to find replicated.

No matter which artist is set up in the DoubleTree or Homewood Suites, you’re sure to find something that will catch your eye. Are you ready to book your stay in Savannah?

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.

Planning a night out with the girls? Savannah is filled with amazing bars, restaurants, and activities perfectly suited for a ladies night (or weekend!) on the town. Whether you’re coordinating a bachelorette party, reconnecting with your sorority sisters, or just enjoying the single life, the Hostess City is the perfect place to cut loose with your girl gang and celebrate sisterhood!

Treat Yourself

Kick off your evening with an elegant dinner at the beautiful French bistro, Circa 1875. Here you’ll find traditional French favorites like escargot, fois gras, cassoulet, and steak frites. Don’t forget to save room for the crepes Suzette, served with a caramelized Grand Marnier sauce, oranges, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Traveling with a large group? No problem! Their charming, private dining space, the wine cellar, can host parties of up to 27, offering prefix menus for groups of 12 or more. Be sure to reserve this space in advance.

Have a Cocktail

It wouldn’t be girls night without a stop at Jen’s and Friends, also known as the Home of 300 Martinis. If you like your drink with a side of Swedish Fish, you’ve come to the right place. Their whimsical menu consists of ultra-sweet treats like cocktails inspired by Hostess Cupcakes, Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Klondike Bars, along with just about every candy you can imagine, from Pixie Stix to Snickers.

If you’re looking for something a bit more refined, we recommend the sublime Artillery Bar. At once modern and old-fashioned, this luxuriously restored landmark offers handcrafted cocktails in a sophisticated setting.

Or stop by Savannah’s best kept secret – the Alley Cat. This hidden gem is tucked away down an alley off West Broughton St., but don’t let the location fool you. Below street level you’ll find a dimly lit lounge offering exceptional libations. Flip through the newspaper menu to discover new twists on classic cocktails, like the Georgia Mule made with peach bourbon, lemon, and ginger beer.

Solve a Puzzle

If your group of ladies love a challenge, book an adventure with The Escape Company! Choose between three escape rooms with distinct storylines where you’ll race follow the clues, solve a mystery, and beat the clock before your time is up! After you’re through, wind down at The Hideaway Lounge for craft beers, games, and trivia.

Let Us Entertain You

There’s nothing like an evening of live entertainment! Get your tickets in advance for a show at the Historic Savannah Theatre. Check out the two-hour variety show, Savannah Live, which includes eight performers and a live band playing everything from upbeat pop to Broadway hits.

Head to Savannah Smiles Saloon to see the famous dueling pianos! This laid-back location offers live music performed by talented musicians and reasonably-priced drinks. Arrive early to snag a great seat and feel free to make song requests. You may end up spending the whole night singing along to your favorite tunes!

Sing Your Heart Out

If you haven’t lost your voice yet at Savannah Smiles, there are plenty more places where you can prove your singing prowess. Relaxed dive bar McDonough’s offers weeknight happy hour specials and has been voted “Best Karaoke in Savannah” for the past eight years.

Pump up the jams on the Savannah Slow Ride, which offers pedal-powered excursions in the Historic District, including pub crawls, haunted ghost tours, and custom routes to suit any group! Speakers are provided, so bring your music, snacks, and drinks (see Savannah’s open container laws in their FAQ) for a mobile party!

Admire the View

There’s no better place to end the evening than the rooftop at the Homewood Suites Savannah Historic District/Riverfront. RTB! (rooftop bar) is a resort-style space that includes a heated pool, full-service bar, food menu, and firepit. Stretch out in one of the beautiful cabanas, or take in the riverfront views while you enjoy the nightly live music. RTB! is exclusively open to hotel guests, so be sure to book your rooms in advance. All rooms include fully-equipped kitchens and complimentary breakfast, making it the perfect place to recharge after your fabulous stay in Savannah!

Olde Pink House

Savannah’s only 18th Century Mansion with antiques, ancestor paintings, and fireplaces aglow in every room, the Olde Pink House is the ultimate Savannah setting for world-renowned elegant Southern cuisine.