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    Savannah Historic District
    Savannah Historic District

    The holidays are quickly approaching, and with that comes shopping, holiday parties, and most importantly, capturing the perfect holiday photo. Savannah is the city for holiday festivities, as well as dreamy scenery for capturing your most Instagram-worthy photo!  After all, if it’s not on the Gram, did it even happen?!

    We are exploring the city with our phone in hand to show that you, too, can capture a beautiful holiday photo for Instagram. You may want to start early to avoid large crowds (aka photobombers) and to take advantage of the softer lighting. So grab your phone and get ready because your Savannah holiday photo is about to be #Instafamous.

    Forsyth Park
    First and foremost, Forsyth Park. It’s no wonder this is the most iconic photo spot in Savannah. It is beautiful!  Walk into the park off E. Gordon and stroll halfway down the walkway in front of the fountain. Grab a bystander or bring a friend to take the photos. Capture multiple shots, vertical/horizontal, and keep in mind the person snapping the photo will need to be quick as lots of people like to gather around the fountain.

    The Olde Pink House
    Located on the corner of Abercorn and E. Bryan St., you’ll find the perfect shade of pink for your holiday post. The Olde Pink House offers an ideal backdrop and this particular wall is located on the side of E. Bryan St. Thankfully, you do not have to compete with the sun in this spot as the parking deck across the street blocks most of the sunlight.


    Along Abercorn across from Clary’s Cafe you’ll find our next spot…

    Green Barn Doors
    You may never notice these barn doors if you’re just casually strolling down the street, but they are the perfect color for your holiday photo. As you walk down Abercorn Street towards Clary’s you’ll spot them along the sidewalk.


    Now make your way towards River Street to find historic, rustic Factor’s Walk…

    Factor’s Walk
    Factor’s Walk is a great historical landmark in Savannah, located between Bull Street and River Street. You can find these beautiful walkways leading to many antique shops and restaurants. We chose to capture the one right in front of the iconic restaurant, Vic’s On The River.  Grab another grammable shot here, you won’t regret it!


    If you’re up for a short drive out of downtown, head to Wormsloe Historic Site…

    Located on Skidaway Island, this historic site is stunning. Arrive as soon as the gates open at 9am. This is the perfect time to beat the traffic and capture the best sunlight. You may not find a bystander, so make sure you have someone with you, if you plan to appear in the shot. As soon as you drive through the gate, you’ll see a beautiful row of live oak trees. You may want to stand closer to the front of this stunning view in order to get the most live oaks in your photo.



    After you finish your journey of holiday photos, kick your feet up and scroll through all your pictures while indulging in a spiked hot cocoa and pick the perfect Savannah holiday photo! Happy Holidays, Savannah! Tag us in your grammable shots #staysavannah so we can join in on the festivities and possibly share a few!

     By Teresa Earnest Social