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    Savannah Historic District
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    Savannah Historic District
    Savannah Historic District

    Settled against the beautiful Savannah River, River Street is one of the many highlights to visit in Savannah. The historic area is full of boutiques, galleries, restaurants, bars, and much more, all within a one mile stretch of cobblestone. Taking in all River Street has to offer on one trip would be a daunting task, so we’re giving you our picks for the perfect day-long adventure down River Street! This list will feature a diverse selection of activities and services (including food and cold drinks!) all designed to create what is sure to be your favorite part of your Savannah vacation.

    Let’s begin our River street adventure!


    1. Wake up at the Homewood Suites

    As the sun rises, begin your day with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise and beautiful view of the Savannah River from your Homewood Suites room. The views offered by the Homewood Suites are some of the best in the area and pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.


    1. Breakfast: A taste of the south

    Get your morning started strong with a breakfast at Huey’s Southern Café. Huey’s has brought the taste of New Orleans to Savannah with Big Easy staples like jambalaya, red beans and rice, and beignets. Their Cajun brunch menu is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, so be sure to fill up with as much as you can. Enjoy their French-Quarter inspired outdoor seating area that provides a beautiful view of the riverfront and Savannah River


    1. Time to shop

    The plethora of galleries and shops that adorn River street are a driving force behind its southern charm. From small boutiques, souvenir t-shirt shops, and pop up merchandise, River Street offers something for everyone and can help you pick out gifts for those back home. Be sure to check out the River Street Market Place, a large outdoor covered market that features local stores and artists. If you’re looking for something unique, try out the Mad Hatter for your new favorite hat.


    1. Lunchtime!

    After all this walking and shopping, you’re bound to need some food. River street offers plenty of options for a mid-day bite, including lots of seafood. The Shrimp Factory and Tubby’s seafood offer ocean fare, and Bernie’s Oyster House offers a unique setting in a converted warehouse form the 1800s.


    1. Set sail

    After lunch, grab some tickets and hop on board the Savannah Riverboat for an afternoon sightseeing tour. The 90-minute cruise is narrated by an experienced host who will tell you all about the port and shipping industry, and how much it means to Savannah. The cruise will finish with a trip to Old Fort Jackson, which is a must-see for any history buff. The boat offers a selection of food and drink in case you shopped through lunch.


    1. History and culture

    In between shops, be sure to take in all of the art, monuments, and historic information offered on River Street. Begin at the Visitor Center and the adjacent African American monument. As you walk along River Street you will be taken through decades of Savannah history, including a cotton brokerage site and the yachting cauldron from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. As boats cruise by, make sure to see the Waving Girl Statue and read up on a local legend. Be sure to end the evening at the Graveface museum, a museum that collects and celebrates all things unusual, macabre, unique, and mysterious.


    1. Grab a drink

    River Street is full of pubs that are the perfect stop for a pre-dinner drink. From upscale wine bars to sports bars, River street can satisfy any taste.


    1. Dinner

    You’ll be glad it’s time for another meal, because you’ll certainly want to try another one of River Street’s many restaurants. If you’re in the mood for some fine dining, look no further than Vic’s on the River, located in a beautiful old cotton warehouse overlooking the Savannah River, or try The Naked Dog or Lizzy’s Burger Bar and Grill for a more laid-back experience.


    1. See the spooky sights

    Savannah is known for its connection to the supernatural and ghost stories. Ghosts and Gravestones will take you on a historic trip though haunted Savannah and fill you in on all of the ghost sightings, stories, and rumors. Book a ticket only if you dare however, the tours only start after the sun goes down.


    1. Dessert time

    No day is complete without a sweet treat at the end, and River Street has plenty of options. Be sure to hit Savannah’s Candy Kitchen; once you walk in you’ll think you entered the chocolate factory. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is constantly churning out some of the most decadent treats you’ll ever eat, including the staple of the south, the praline. The picky candy eaters can choose from a mountain of candy favorites.


      11. Nightcap

    For a perfect end to the night, head up to rtb! On the rooftop of the Homewood Suites for a perfectly-crafted nightcap. Enjoy your favorite beverage with an overlook of the Savannah River and skyline.


    It’s impossible to fit all of River Street in a single day, but this guideline should get you on a great start. Feel free to add in your own stops and make the experience exactly what you want.

    Enjoy River Street!

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