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    Savannah Historic District

    Known as the “most haunted city in America,” Savannah is overflowing with Halloween activities. The oldest city in Georgia’s rich history provides a plethora of paranormal sightings, spooky vibes and uncanny rituals. From ghost tours to haunted houses and eerie cemeteries, Savannah serves as the ideal city for hair-raising Halloween fun.

    Ghoulish Ghost Tours

    1. 1)  Ghost and Gravestones
      Tour Savannah’s historic district aboard the “Trolly of The Doomed” as you hear about the city’s eerie myths, haunted houses and depraved denizens. “The Trolley of the Doomed” transports you to crumbling cemeteries and two of Savannah’s most haunted sites: the Andrew Low House and Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery. Climb aboard the trolley, if you dare.
    2. 2)  Blue Orb Tours
      End your night with a fright by taking one of the highest-rated ghost tours in the world. Families can visit the city’s most infamous haunted locations in addition to exclusive locales for an evening of spooky stories. Those who want truly terrifying tales can take the 18 and older Zombie Tour filled with graphic, gory legends of the undead, conjurings and paranormal beings.

    Haunted Pub Crawls

    1. 1)  A Nightmare on Congress Street
      Don your best costumes and take your friends on a shockingly spooky Halloween-themed bar crawl. Described as the city’s largest and creepiest pub crawl, you’ll visit multiple bars for a night filled with frights, fun and the chance to win a $2,000 costume contest.
    2. 2)   Moon River Brewing
      Startle your stomach as you dine with ghosts and revenants at one of Savannah’s most haunted restaurants. The Moon River Brewing Company has a history of deaths, murders, and paranormal events. Walk the haunted halls, descend into the basement, and eat a meal if you have the stomach for it.

    Haunted Houses

    1. 1)  The Haunted Forest Moose Lodge
      You’re in for a night of both scares and laughter if you attend this haunted house. Walk through a long, dark trail in the woods to encounter devilish children, voodoo priestesses and crazed clowns. You’ll even see frightening monsters from your favorite horror movies.
    2. 2)  Alee Terror Plantation Haunted House
      Voted Savannah’s #1 haunted house, get excited for an electrifying experience as you wander through Terror Plantation. Filled with spine-chilling scenes, atmospheric special effects and creepy characters, you’re bound to remember this haunted house for years to come. Ye be warned: not everyone who enters is able to complete the haunt. Will you be able to keep your wits?

    Celebrated Cemeteries

    1. 1)  Colonial Park Cemetery
      Nearly 300 years old with over 9,000 graves across 6 acres, Colonial Park is Savannah’s oldest cemetery. There’s much to learn about the city’s history, its most famous residents and significant events. This is the perfect place for a quiet, peaceful stroll on Hallow’s eve.
    2. 2)  Bonaventure Cemetery
      The winner of TripAdvisor’s 2022 Travelers’ Choice Award, Bonaventure Cemetery Tours is an educational feast for the spirit. Located on the Wilmington River, Bonaventure Cemetery is filled with beautiful statues, tombs and moss-draped oaks, making it Savannah’s most beautiful and picturesque cemetery. A tour through the cemetery’s 100-plus acres is filled with valuable information and scenic beauty that will leave you wanting more.

    Divine Dining

    1. 1)  17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant
      Located near Savannah’s historic district, this inn and restaurant provides hearty meals in a building that dates back to 1790. Period furniture, colonial decor and dim lighting creates a historic ambiance that is the perfect place to kick off your hocus pocus plans. One of Savannah’s most famous restaurants, we suggest you make reservations to properly enjoy this atmospheric inn.
    2. 2)  Olde Pink House
      Add class and culture to your Halloween evening by dining in this beautiful 18th Century mansion. Enjoy classic Southern food in a historic, romantic atmosphere or venture into The Planter’s Tavern–located in the restaurant’s basement–for a more vibrant ambiance. It’s recommended you make reservations beforehand, as this is another one of Savannah’s most well-known restaurants. It’s the perfect place to end your Halloween weekend in style.

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