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    It’s so important to prioritize your sleep when traveling. Whether you’re arriving by plane, car, or bus, travel can be exhausting, and leave you too tired to enjoy your destination. Vacation should be about relaxation, and with the right hotel and a little bit of planning ahead, it can be. Here’s everything you need to ensure you snooze well during your next stay in Savannah!

    • Choose a hotel that offers blackout shades in their guest rooms. These heavy curtains will block the light so you’ll sleep well past sunrise and wake up refreshed.

    • Bring an eye mask – this will block out any additional rays of light trying to sneak in and interrupt your sleep!

    • Ask about your pillow and duvet options. Some hotels offer different pillows with varying levels of softness, and most will offer down alternatives upon request.

    • If you’re traveling with a friend, be sure to request 2 beds during the reservation process. Having some extra space to yourself is important!

    • If you’re sensitive to noise, check into your options. Some of our preferred hotels offer earplugs and white noise machines to keep your room as Zenlike as possible. If your hotel of choice doesn’t, pack a set of your own and download a white noise app on your phone or laptop like TaoMix or SimplyNoise.

    • During check-in, request a room facing away from the street for a quieter experience.

    • Pack a relaxing room spray and mist your space before bed. Lavender is known for its calming ability.

    • Be sure to eat dinner at least two to three hours before bed. Plan ahead and ask the hotel concierge for help with making restaurant reservations!

    • Sip some caffeine-free tea, or even just hot water with lemon. A cup of chamomile can help you relax before bed.

    • Stay away from glowing screens just before bed – this includes phones, televisions, and tablets. The artificial blue light can have a stimulating effect. Silence your phone’s notifications, or set it to sleep mode so you can rest peacefully without interruption. This is especially important when you’re in a different time zone!

    • Take a melatonin. This non-habit-forming supplement mimics the natural hormone that your body produces to go to sleep.

    • Hang the Do Not Disturb sign outside your door. Many hotels begin housekeeping service by 8 a.m., so if you’re planning to sleep in, avoid that early knock on the door. Don’t forget to remove the sign when you leave for the day!

    • If you have an early flight or meeting, set your alarm and request a wake-up call with the front desk as a backup. You can rest easy knowing you won’t oversleep.

    • Request a guest room with a tub to enjoy a relaxing bath before bed. Don’t forget the soothing lavender oil or lotion.

    • Adjust the room temperature. It may sound chilly to some, but studies indicate that the bedroom temperature should be 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.

    • Pick up a relaxing read to take your mind off the day’s stressors. Catch up on a classic novel or learn about the history of the area where you’re staying while you unwind before bed.

    • Try a meditation exercise. Get in the habit of closing your eyes, doing some deep breathing, and focus on counting your breaths for a few minutes before bed to achieve a calm state of mind.

    Most importantly, remember that rest is an important aspect of self-care. When you sleep well, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to see all the wonderful things Savannah has to offer. You deserve a good night’s sleep – especially on vacation – so choose a hotel that feels like home.

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