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    Walking into a store full of sweets and treats, the first thing on your mind is if you’re allowed to sample anything before you make your purchase. The answer in Savannah is a resounding “yes.” We have the guide to help you try everything from pralines and daiquiris to cookies and popcorn. Let the Hostess City serve you a smorgasbord of food and take your taste buds for a sampling tour.

    Byrd Cookie Company

    This family-owned bakery has serviced the streets of Savannah since 1924 with freshly made cookies. Recipients of the Dessert of the Year Award from the National Food Association’s Fancy Food Show, Byrd’s Key Lime Cooler was the first cookie to ever win this prestigious accolade. And, you can try one whenever you come to visit Savannah. Enjoy the best cookie in the South and see for yourself why their bakery has been around for 95 years.

    Savannah Bee Company

    If you’re looking for some concentrated sunshine concocted from a 35-year old recipe, then you’ve come to the right place. Head on over to the Honey House in downtown Savannah to sample some of Ted Dennard’s honey. Whether you’re looking to add some natural honey to a family recipe or find a new moisturizer, you can’t go wrong with anything from this homegrown company.

    River Street Sweets

    What started out as a River Street gift shop for knick-knacks and Christmas ornaments eventually became the leading supplier of pralines in the entire world. With over 100 years of candy making experience, River Street Sweets is a place you can’t miss. Outside of their world-famous pralines, you can sample some saltwater taffy, hand-stretched peanut brittle or homemade pecan pies. When you come to Savannah, this is a place you’ll regret not visiting.

    Savannah Rae’s Gourmet Popcorn

    If you’ve got a passion for popcorn, then a stop at Savannah Rae’s is a must. With 250 gourmet popcorn flavors, you’ll be able to sample a variety of cheese, chocolate and candy flavors before purchasing a bag for yourself. Try flavors like piña colada, crab legs, dill pickle, loaded baked potato, Doritos® Cool Ranch®, Cap-N-Crunch® and red velvet cake. Looking for a flavor to support a specific occasion? Create a unique flavor for the family over the holidays, match the theme of any party, or design a flavor matching your newly branded company.

    The Peanut Shop of Savannah

    While walking along the river on Savannah’s River Street, you’ll stumble upon the famed Peanut Shop of Savannah. Originally from Williamsburg, VA, this shop has created the gold standard for peanuts. Due to their meticulous growing and quality process, you’ll only see cream-of-the-crop nuts in this store. They offer different flavors including candied peanuts, chocolate peanuts, peanut butters, brittles and a selection of other nuts in-store for you to sample.

    Wet Willie’s

    If you’re looking for a refreshing way to beat the Savannah heat, then we have the place for you. Wet Willie’s, creators of the world’s greatest frozen daiquiris, can be found on River Street and in City Market. This casual, upbeat, and fun atmosphere gives its guests the chance to sample flavors before receiving a full pour of delicious daiquiri. They’ll even let you mix flavors to create your own drink. Paired with a food menu filled with burgers, seafood, tacos, sandwiches and salads, Wet Willie’s will quench any level of appetite. Start concocting your most creative flavor combinations and stop by for the most colorful and satisfying drink in the South.

    Whether you’re looking to sample some popcorn or create your own frozen daiquiri, Savannah is filled with treats to delight even the pickiest of eaters. So, book your stay in Savannah today and let the Hostess City be your guide to a stay filled with samples of savory sweets and salty treats.

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