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    When you come to Savannah, it’s best to be prepared with an empty stomach. The Hostess City features an abundance of delicious, standout restaurants, each specializing in different cuisine. Join us on an adventure of Savannah’s unique dining experiences.

    Fork and Dagger

    Fork and Dagger is relatively new to the Savannah scene, having yet reached its three-year mark. What makes this spot unique is it being located on the first floor of an apartment building in downtown Savannah – you just don’t see that every day. The downtown sandwich shop opened its doors back in March of 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Billing itself as a part-Brooklyn deli, part-Southern diner, Fork and Dagger takes the best of both worlds and churns out inspired creations. For breakfast, try the Pig and Grits, which is cheese grits topped with slow-cooked pulled pork and a fried egg. If you’re there for lunch, you can’t go wrong with the Fork and Dagger Cuban.

    Sandfly Bar-B-Q

    You’ve eaten barbecue, but have you eaten barbecue in a streamliner? Sandfly Bar-B-Q in downtown Savannah serves up delicious barbecue in a converted railway car turned diner. You can expect the typical barbecue staples here: pulled pork, beef brisket, spare ribs, Brunswick stew, and more. Enjoy house specialties including duck fat fries, pork fries, and our favorite, mac balls, which are duck fat fried mac and cheese balls with bacon and green onions. A couple of bites in, and you’ll soon understand why Savannahians rave about this place.

    The Ordinary Pub

    Located in a basement on Savannah’s Broughton Street, The Ordinary Pub takes a stab at typical pub fare and turns the dial up a few notches, resulting in a varied menu. For the appetizer round, try the Pork Belly Donut Sliders – yes, with real donuts – or the Loaded Fritter Tots, which are tater tots covered in Gouda cheese sauce, chopped bacon, and chives. You can’t go wrong with Gumbo and Stone Ground Grits for an entrée or, if you’re feeling like brunch for dinner, you can opt for a Brunner Bowl, which features creamy mac and cheese with shell pasta and Gouda cheese sauce, Andouille sausage, green and red bell peppers, bacon weave and a sunny-side up egg.

    The Vault Kitchen and Market

    As its name implies, The Vault Kitchen and Market features an actual vault inside that you can dine in. The restaurant was converted from an old bank and now serves up chic Asian fusion cuisine. The Vault opens for lunch and dinner – with a two-hour closing break from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. –  and features a wide array of dishes. If you prefer a land-based meal, then the Crying Tiger, grilled steak with dry chili dipping sauce, would fit the bill. For those who would rather their meal come from the sea, then the Miso Salmon should jump to the top of the list. They also offer multiple dumpling options and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

    The Wyld Dock Bar

    You’ll have to travel a bit out of Savannah’s Historic District for The Wyld Dock Bar, but it’s certainly worth it. The restaurant is off the beaten path a bit, but it has a great location on the marsh, making for some incredible views. As expected, The Wyld serves up primarily seafood dishes, but also if you prefer a burger or a taco, both options are available. One of the restaurant’s unique features is that its accessible by boat!

    La Scala Ristorante

    If you’re in the mood for Italian food in one of Savannah’s classic mansions, then La Scala Ristorante checks both of those boxes. The restaurant opened its doors in late 2018, so it’s still a bit new to Savannah’s restaurant scene. Make no mistake, however: La Scala Ristorante features authentic Italian cuisine. Go with the Scallopina di Vitello (veal cutlet served with Marsala or Piccata sauce over spaghetti) or Trout Vignarola (grilled red rainbow trout over spelt, asparagus, fava beans, artichoke hearts, mint, and roasted red pepper aioli).

    What are you waiting for? Book your stay in Savannah now and get your dining adventure started!

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