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    Savannah Historic District

    What would you do? You have 24 hours in Savannah to soak up all the charm, hospitality, history and all-out quirkiness of this Southern gem. Now, you just need to know what to do with it…

    Though it’s true, you could fill every waking hour doing something amazing, chances are you’re going to want to get some sleep in there somewhere (a shady nap under a canopy of live oaks at a minimum). But for the other 15 or so hours, has put together this handy, little itinerary to help you spend your day the locals’ way.

    Savannah Coffee Roasters (215 W Liberty Street)

    8:00 am (or maybe more like 9ish)

    One word: COFFEE! And for this day’s itinerary, we’re going to start you off on the western side of downtown at Savannah Coffee Roasters (215 W Liberty Street). It opens up bright and early at 7:00 am and has been in the roasting biz for a century. So, sip a cup, nosh on some breakfast and power up to make the most of your day.

    Old Savannah Tours (250 MLK Jr. Blvd.)

    10:00 am

    Since you’re on this side of town, may we suggest a trolley tour? Just a few blocks from your morning buzz, you’ll find the trolley ticket offices, including those of Old Savannah Tours (250 MLK Jr. Blvd.). Think of it as the ‘less-walking, more-seeing’ way to explore the city. With Old Savannah, your tour will be guided by lively characters such as Forest Gump and founding father General James Oglethorpe, to name a few. Old Savannah Tours is the largest Savannah-owned-and-operated company and promises to bring Savannah’s history to life with every tour. And to that we say, “Trolley, Ho!”

    City Market (219 W. Bryan Street) City Market (219 W. Bryan Street)


    We’re lunchy? Are you lunchy? You could choose an on/off trolley tour and in that case your lunch spot will be whatever is within sight (and there’s A LOT to choose from). But since we’re headed east, City Market (219 W. Bryan Street) is a great next stop for a variety of local eateries (and candy stores, and ice cream shops, and refreshing adult libations…). And just like that, your second wind is already starting to blow!

    Salt Table

    2:30 pm

    So, we see you took a long lunch…good! Now, you’re well rested and ready to stroll the city streets in search of that certain Savannah something to take home. Head on over to Broughton Street (just one block south of City Market) and you’ll be warmly greeted by coveted brand names and beloved local shops like The Salt Table. With their signature blends of salts, spices, rubs and basically everything that makes anything taste good, The Salt Table knows how to add the perfect pinch of flavor to your day.

    4:30 pm

    Time for a snack! Since you’re making your way down Broughton Street, be sure to stop in to Savannah Rae’s Gourmet Popcorn (206 W Broughton Street). With over 150 different popcorn recipes, you can attempt to try them all (like Caramel Sea Salt, Oreo Cheesecake and even Pina Colada to name a few). We suggest asking the eager experts at Rae’s for their top picks so you don’t get too full – it’s almost dinner time you know…

    Vino Veritas (102 E Liberty Street)

    5:30 pm

    You’ve had a big day! You could nap – nah. You could primp (a.k.a., get gussied up) – nah. How about a little pre-dinner wine tasting? Brilliant! For that, head on over to In Vino Veritas (102 E Liberty Street) located on the first floor of the Drayton Tower building. From Broughton, it’s only about a five-minute drive but in the quest of all things leisurely and relaxing, you might consider hopping in the back of a pedicab or horse-drawn carriage instead (not to mention either option is a great accent to your Savannah 24). With its modern digs and 40+ wines by the glass, In Vino Veritas puts a trendy spin on your historically epic day.

    River Street in Savannah, GA
    River Street in Savannah, GA

    7:30 pm

    Now that you’ve found your new favorite wine and already Googled it to see where you can buy it at home (we all do it) it’s time for dinner. Since we’ve been heading east through downtown Savannah all day, we’ll continue heading that way and…well…there are just too many scrumptious restaurants to choose from! But for you, we’ll at least narrow down the options a bit for this side of town. For a slightly inconspicuous spot with incredible options, wander a bit north to B. Matthews Eatery on Bay Street (325 E Bay). If farm-to-table cuisine is more your style, be sure to feed your taste for local flavors at Cha Bella (102 E. Broad St.) where they prepare a variety of seasonal specialties to highlight ingredients from our area. Of course if you’re THAT close, there are also the abundant dining options on nearby River Street (just across from Bay) along with lively musicians, ferry boats on the waterfront and a variety of shops and galleries along the way. Decisions, decisions!

    LuLu’s Chocolate Bar (42 MLK Jr. Blvd.)

    9:30 pm

    We get it, you’re full. But there’s always room for dessert, right? So, now that you’ve traversed the cobblestones of River Street (and burned a few calories in the process), you’ll find that you’re very close to where you began your day, back on the western side of historic downtown. Lucky you! That also means you’re in for a treat at LuLu’s Chocolate Bar (42 MLK Jr. Blvd.). Here you’ll happily pair chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate with specialty cocktails for a nightcap like no other!

    RTB! in Homewood Suites

    11:00 pm – Until…

    Ah, so you’re a night owl. Well, you’re in the right place. Savannah’s nightlife shines a light on the rousing side of this traditionally historic city. There’s the laidback underground atmosphere of The Bar Bar in nearby City Market (219 W St. Julian St.). Or, if you prefer your cocktails with a view – and you’re a guest at Homewood Suites Historic District – you’ll definitely want to be part of the rooftop fun at RTB! (611 E River Street). RTB! is the rooftop pool and bar for guests of Homewood Suites with specialty cocktails, daiquiris, lite bites and even live music (plus, when it’s closing time, your room is just an elevator ride away – genius!). Need a little music in your night? Then give your requests to the talented dueling piano players at Savannah Smiles (314 Williamson St.). Whatever venue you choose, you’ll find the perfect way to end your day and raise a glass to a sensational Savannah-style 24.

    RTB! in Homewood Suites

    That’s just one day! When you’re ready to plan your Savannah 48 or even better, 72, just visit for everything you need to know to stay like a local. Have fun!